Smallville – S10E16 – Scion

Tonight's adventure: "Scion"

Sometimes you have too many father figures. Case in point? Superboy. 



As always, we look forward to your thoughts, gripes, predictions, livebloggery, recappery, and all that malarkey. 


  1. Tess, hiiiii….? why are you in my kitchen??

  2. It’s like watching Young Justice twice! Let the teenage angst begin!

  3. Heat vision gag, that takes me back.

  4. I love how heat vision is like Kryptonian erections.

  5. i love how they when straight to love child of lex and clark.

    this is pretty good. that lois and clark scene about conner was great. i wish we had this in the comics.

  6. O Shit Darkseid!

  7. WOW!!!  Does this mean Lionel is gonna make a deal with Darkseid to bring the real Lex back to life?!!

    i like it!!!!

  8. AHHHHHHHH Now we have to wait 6 weeks for a new episode!  Annnnnnnd theres only like 5 left… 🙁

  9. Why does superboy get his costume before superman?

  10. because his is a t shirt and i am just wondering where he got it.

  11. @Jack239  graphitti designs sells them for like 20 bucks

  12. in all seriousness they did a good job on the preview i think the funeral was ted kords from Booster and now with another pa kent flashback the countdown to the end begins

  13. now that i think about what if chloe was mentioning a ted kord with the whole billionaire with gadgets comment


    Pa Kent was looking mean in that snippet.  Maybe a return to Earth 2 will have Clark and “Pa” at odds, at least for one scene.

  15. @mattgarcxc9 Taken within the context of what she was taking about, she wasn’t.

  16. Ahh yes The Trinity: Superman, Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle II.

  17. That’s a pretty great trinity.  The only thing I really liked was Darkseid showing up at the end. Otherwise I was mostly indifferent (although that could be because of interruptions in service during my jetblue flight. Why they feel the need to show that stupid video every time they take off I’ll never understand).

  18. The safety video? It’s the law.

  19. No they show this thing where it’s like “Here’s your inflight snacks. And entertainment. And we love serving you.”

  20. Corporate Law?

  21. Nice to see the Luthor and Darkseid story coming together

  22. If there ever were shit-your-pants moments in Smallville ever before, Darkseid meeting with Lionel stomps on all of them! What a great ending!

  23. they may have already mentioned it but i wonder who will play and do the voice of darksied in the final?

  24. Man, Welling really sold that scene where he expressed to Lois the feeling of lonely, a freak, having great powers and not being able to tell anyone.  Excellent episode, way better than I thought it would be when I heard they were bringing on Superboy.

  25. The othing thing I miss was the jheri curl / fade cut.

  26. @conor Ya I when I watched that episode I was like yes Batman. Then I realized that whatever version this Batman is suppose to be must suck at keeping his identity secret. He’s probably like how Ultimate Spider-Man is, every villain either knows he’s peter parker or just a teenager.  

  27. then again no hero on smallville was able to keep his or her identity secret. if you count clark but that’s a toss up the only people other than the main characters and the occasional villain of the week.

  28. loved the final scene