Smallville – S10E14 – Masquerade

Hey, remember how Darkseid and his minions were this season's big bad? Yeah, I kinda forgot about that too. With nine episodes left in the life of this show, it's a good thing we're getting back to them.

Batgirl scribe Bryan Q. MIller penned this episode. He also wrote the most excellentnt episode entitled "Luthor" which aired earlier this season.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc., but since it's Friday night it will probably most likely be post-show analysis.



  2. I just love how Lois used paper dolls for her wedding planning.

  3. I think it would be funny if the “Blur” put on glasses instead, like the Eradicator.

  4. @JesTr, but it’d DEFINITELY have to be the yellow Eradicator glasses.

  5. @redlibertyx  That’s what I was going for.

  6. Really? A hat is now all it takes to hide Oliver Queens identity?

  7. Ha I called it!!! It’s the Eradicator!


  9. Do reporters really just get to walk on to crime scenes like that?

  10. And Lois is going to say “I told you so”.

  11. @redlibertyx  and interrupt an autopsy.

  12. “it’s my power i can call it what i want.”

  13. wow. that easy huh?

  14. so next week is Smallville– the hangover??

  15. @Endlessw it looks AMAZING.

  16. Next weeks episode looks like it will be fun to watch in my opinion 🙂

  17. The hood reminded me of the cover of Superman Earth 1.  Good episode overall. Having Chloe back adds so much to the show.

  18. The answer for Ollie is simple: Glue on mustache and beard.

  19. This episode didn’t really surprise or entertain me that much. The only part I enjoyed was when Chloe was captured and hallucinating. The ending was so predictable I was practically yelling at the TV what happens in order to speed it along (and as I thought I was correct in the ending, will not spoil what happens). I honestly am finding the season to really run out of steam for me. I guess I will decide if the next episode is the make or break one for me, if not next week’s then surely the week after’s. And if it does so happen that I might drop out of Smallville, most likely I will still catch the series finale at least regardless. I have spent half of my life, literally, watching Smallville and waiting for Clark to put on those damn tights and become Superman I will not miss this event enfold!

  20. @spidertitan why would you quit now with so few episodes left. If you have watched from the beginning you have stayed with the show through some bad seasons seems odd to quit with only 9 episodes left.

  21. Liked this episode… WOW!  Did anyone else think it was EXTRA dark?  I have been re-watching every season of Smallville as a lead up for the series finale.  I just finished Season 6.  Thats when Lex starts to get evil, but his is a more diabolical evil.  In Masquerade, Desaad is just pure, sick evil…  like disturbingly so…  VERY GOOD VILLAIN!  I know its not the “same” as the classica Desaad, but its working! 

    Can’t wait to see how the whole Darkseid and Lex storyline come to a close..  Will there be a throwdown between Darkseid and Superman? 

    and….. FINALLY!!!!  Clark puts on the glasses as a disguise.  I really hope they keep that constant now… rather than just another tease. 

  22. “shouldn’t he be across the pond?”

    “well the chaps here now!”