Smallville – S10E09 – Patriot

Last week? Very good. This week? The return of Aquaman and the introduction of Mera and the Smallville version of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke the Terminator). Exciting!

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc., but since it's Friday night it will probably most likely be post-show analysis.


  1. crap! I’m stuckat work for most of this episode. If someone could post what the preview for next week is going to be, that you.

  2. I haven’t been watching Smallville lately, but I think I’m definitely tuning in for this one. looks good.

  3. wow, my grammer is horrible. if some one can post what the preview for next week, or when ever it is, that would be awesome. note self: never do this at work.

  4. Damn! Mera looks fine.




  6. They’re getting the Aquaman "jerk" personality perfectly this episode.

  7. Slade’s sounding a lot more like Generl Eiling

  8. Omega=Darkseid?

  9. @nick: That’s what I’m thinking.

  10. Does he lose an eye in everything he is in?

  11. The whole Omega thing being Darkseid was pretty obvious I thought. Omega Force, for one. Then look at the covers of Final Crisis and you see him there with omegas on his hands.

  12. Damn! Mera looks fine. YUMMYYYY in skimpy green swimwear & less.



  13. yeah i’m pro-mera!

  14. Why couldn’t mera zip-up her shirt, does she always have to show those nice breasts of hers,there a bit distracting……and i cant believe clark got pushed around by aquaman!

  15. Damn, poor Tigh just can’t hold on to that eye.


    Can’t decise if it’s just the really terrible dialog she’s reciting, or if Mera’s just a really bad actress. Oh, well…at leasts she has other…assets.

  16. @LEXPRIME a welcomed distraction, plus Aquaman takes no bS from anybody

  17. Good there going further with the Darkseid story. Liked the Omega brands. And Mera looks really hot.

  18. @bigben2012: yes it is nice to look at but I have always been a man who doesnt want to look if he cant touch lol. but come on! its aquaman for gods sakes, clark should be able too just stand there and be able to take a water blast or he could just run through the water or even better if only he could fly he could just go over it.  I have just never liked aquaman so I dont like seeing him push clark around 🙁 lol.

    @Mikefarley: she was a very bad actress indeed!, but I think we all know how she got the part.

  19. Taking elements of Ostrander and Kirby’s time at DC to make the final season the best yet. A tribute to two greats and the series production team. Wish DC comics could use their properties this well.

  20. Michael Hogan as Deathstroke is the ultimate in badass casting!  I wholeheartedly approve.

  21. REALLY fun episode! I love when Aquaman shows up. He’s great.

  22. MERA! MERA! MERA!… 

  23. First, I loved the character of Mera and thought that she was really gorgeous. 

    Loved to see AC and also make a remark about not understanding his origin.  

    Good time episode, even got to see Slade get his eyepatch.

  24. no matter what colonel ty,sol, Michael Hogan does….he gets an eye patch

  25. I liked most of this weeks episode, the show has become more of Lois and Clark and less about Clark as Superman, but other then that , not bad, i like hogan, he was great on BSG but he was kinda off as Deathstroke, considered one  of DC’s favorite villians, Slade comes off as kinda a windbag and less about being able to take the heroes down. That being said I do like that we get to see Slade as being controlled by Darkseid, I also thought that Mera is one hot tuna and i would love to try some of her sushi, lol. The episode also ended well with Clark really stepping into the Leadership role and Slade getting his custom eye patch , even if it was on the wrong eye, Jeez what is with people and not being able to patch the right eye. Deathstroke has his left eye missing and Deadshot has a scope on his right eye. Other wise I give the episode a solid C

  26. Aquaman is grumpy. 🙁