Smallville – S10E08 – Abandoned

Teri Hatcher shows up tonight as Lois' mom because she was once Lois just like Margot Kidder who showed up in two episodes in season three. Any Loises we got left? Dana Delaney? Kate Bosworth? Noel Neill is still kicking around somewhere…

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc., but since it's Friday night it will probably most likely be post-show analysis.


  1. Has Tim Daly shown up? What about Yuri Lowenthal?

  2. Yuri Lowenthal? When and in what context?

  3. What about Gerard Christopher and John Haymes Newton from the Superboy series? Stacy Haiduk!

  4. Brandon Routh has an agent?

  5. how else could he get the sweet deal of being evil ex number 3?

  6. holy crap Furies!

  7. Not very flattering for Terri hatcher- in real life it means she would

    have had "lois" when she was 14.

  8. Furies!! I love it!!

  9. It’s hard listening to "Granny Goodness" with out hearing the DCU voice in my head.

  10. that staircase tess and granny walk up in the orphange i think is the same stair case oliver shoots Clark in the i think season 8 opener.  

  11. I meant the DCAU voice actor of course, though this is equally, if not  more, scary.

  12. Desaad!

  13. EVIL GODS, OMG IT’S THE EVIL GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. big reveals are always welcomed in this show!

  15. This is the kind of episode that Smallville has often done well… rarely done often enough.  Lots of great stuff.  Very enjoyable.  I’m enjoying the final season quite a bit!

     oh.. and WeaklyRoll, yes, yes it was the same staircase, I’m sure of it. 

  16. anyone else think that the new female football coach (the beast) from glee would be a crazy awesome granny goodness?

  17. Aside from blonde parents that has got to be THE BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON YET! Great Clark and lois moments and made me want more.

    Can not wait for next episode. 

  18. And Granny Goodness was perfect. The boss from "Dead like me". She pulls off the innocent and evil so well.

  19. Mixed bag. kinda liked the a-story but the b-story left me cold. a little too much speechifying from teri hatcher and my thumb almost broke the fastforward button. if julian sands and helen slater had been in a little more, i probably would have liked more. i actually got quite excited seeing their names in the credits and thought they’d be used more when granny was probing supes’ mind. but i enjoyed seeing those two together. i still wish there was a scene where julian sands jor-el was talking to terence stamp voice jor-el. and clark, for goodness sake, if lois asks you if her mother was angry, you say something comforting! you don’t mope about your dad and then get out of there for crying out loud! lena luthor though? nice!

    maybe brandon routh could show up as kal kent, the superman from the 853rd century (dc one million/all star superman)! gene hackman could brando it up as solaris the tyrant son sun!

  20. Yeah , i liked this episode alot, lots of great moments, Granny was pretty darn good and it was awesome seeing Deesad, Now I am pretty up on my Dc Lore, but whom is Godfrey suppose to be, He was possesed by Darkseid, freed, the repossesed, but this time hes not Darkseid. Little lost there , but i want Kalibak , lol come on the need to show the knuckle dragger. I am a little bummed about next weeks episode Deathstroke is in it but hes old and He s COL Tigh. The furies where great and Ollie’s wife is pretty hot, way to go Archer. I like where we are going with the last season, I just hope we dont get it all smashed into one episode. There are just to many plot lines still up in the air. Super hero registeration, Suicide Squad and CheckMate, Darkseid and invasion, Clark stepping into the Blue and Red, oh yeah and the Big will you marry me, which I can do with out for now and honestly should nt happen before the show ends.  

  21. The female furies and granny goodness were very solid

  22. This was one of the stronger episodes of the season so far. Strong A story and a strong B story. Next week looks even better with Aquaman and Mera and Deathstroke.

    It’s episodes like these that make me even more annoyed with the three bad episodes in a row that we had a few weeks ago.

  23. Is John Shea really doing anything else? I’m sure he could use a check.

  24. I am only going off of memory, but did the show sorta eluded that Tess and Lex had some sort of relationship? 

  25. @el355  Brother and Sister is definitely a relationship.

  26. So Tess is Smallville’s Big Barda!