Smallville – S10E07 – Ambush

Tonight's episode – Ambush

So, three clunkers in a row. That's not good for a final season with not a lot of time left. But tonight shows promise! General Lane returns which means Michael Ironside with means awesome! Plus, it looks like the Suicide Squad is back.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc., but since it's Friday night it will probably most likely be post-show analysis.


  1. Holy shit is that Michael Ironside?

  2. Finally! plot.

  3. Vigilante Registration Act? Quick someone call Marvel!

  4. Wait…Was that Teri Hatcher playing Lois Lane’s mommy in the next week’s preview? NICE!

  5. @red: Yes it was!


    I love Michael Ironside and he would terrify the crap out of me if he was my girlfriend’s dad.

    Also, that first scene? Wow. Hot.

    Also, also, The Talon got blowed up!

  7. So Darkseid is (possibly, maybe) the villain for this season…..But Michael Ironside isn’t it?


  8. @TNC: He’s been General Lane for the past six years in three episodes.

    (Also Darkseid is definitely the main villain, we’ve already seen him and his minions.)

  9. Next week: Granny Goodness!



  10. Good episode.  Nice to get back on track.

    The General was great, as always.

    I had not seen the casting selection for Granny Goodness until the trailer for next week, and the casting people did wonderfully.  The actress chosen was born to play her.   She can play many levels of bitch that will be required to bring Granny to life.  The only better option would be Asner in drag (I love comics because I get to come up with sentences like that!!)

  11. This show has been firing on all cylinders this season. Great episode!

  12. just watched the episode…cant wait till next week…..i want the big fights to start!!!

  13. Another enjoyable one..  Nice to see the General and Lucy again.  Also nice to finally see Clark wear his new costume in action with Green Arrow. 

    Can’t wait for next week!  LOTS of special guest stars!!!!!!!! 

  14. Saddly, when I heard Ambush, I thought Bug. What a sad disapointment that I was wrong.

  15. @JoeCom. Me too! Maybe only for a minute, and they could have done it in a weird hijinx kinda way.

    This was a good episode I felt and I enjoyed how the multiple threads to the story were handled. I think I’d prefer more Apokoliptan story going on maybe kinda like Boss Darkside from Final Crisis. Maybe Alan Rickman can guess star as Metatron Metron and clone of Don S Davis in a wig will play Highfather.

  16. For those of you who think Marvel did the superhero registration story first uh uh …DC did it in the Heroes mini series back in the 80s .It was drawn and written ( i think ) by John Byrne .

  17. @KRYPTOTIM: It was the LEGENDS mini-series (a story that SMALLVILLE has been borrowing from a bit all season) and it was written by John Ostrander and Len Wein and drawn by John Byrne. But you’re correct, the "government bans superheroes" story is much older than CIVIL WAR.

  18. wow lois lane is sisters with Roger Sterling’s wife

  19. I believe that Mutant Registration is the grandaddy of all the government registration plotlines.
    The best moment in this episode was Michael Ironside’s good cup of coffee line. The man should be doing commercials.