Smallville – S10E06 – Harvest

Tonight's episode – Isis

I'm sorry. Last week was my fault. I said, "I don't want to jinx anything, but Smallville hasn't had a clunker yet which is a minor miracle with this show's history of one-great-episode-followed-by-one-bad-episode history." Whoops! My bad!

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc., but since it's Friday night it will probably most likely be post-show analysis.


  1. I can’t wait to watch this!

  2. The one person looks like scarecrow…

  3. Man I could totally watch this show for another season. The NEW NEW ADVENTURES OF LOIS AND CLARK!

  4. what I miss? I just got to the point were mini Lex starts to go crazy.

  5. Not much. Been one of the crappy episodes.

  6. Basically it’s the Wicker Man. But uh. With blue kryptonite.

  7. K, i was expecting this one to be bad, but am I the only one loving the crap out of this!?

    Turi Meyer and Al Septien doing what they do best on Smallville!

    I got chills when that blue kryptonite shower poured on Clark!  Crazy!!!!

  8. old Wicker Man or Nick Cage Wicker Man? Wait, if it’s a crappy ep, I’m going to say the Nick Cage version.

  9. Dinsmore!  I just watched that episode!  Janitor from Scrubs!

  10. @superyan I like the Clark-Lois interactions, but the rest of the episode’s been kind of a yawn.

  11. That’s Virgil Swans book!

  12. And there you have it!  Super sex..

    I hope you used a kryptonite condom Clark!

  13. OOOOhhhhhhhh shit! The kid’s bald!  HE IS LEX!!!!!!!!


  15. So I liked this one way more than I thought.  Perhap cuz its Halloween wkend.  And this is the classic Meyer/Septien ep.  They do the darker, stranger episodes and this qualifies.  I know some will say another filler, but it still had good forwad motion.  Clark explaining more about his origin to Lois.  Clark and Lois ummm .. doing it! 

    I did think that this was going to tie in to the Darksied storyline.  I think thats the one thing about this season that feels a bit off.  For the first time in a couple seasons, there doesn’t seem to be a "Big Bad" A story. With no Michael Rosenbaum Lex, this is the first season a "physical presence" of a bad guy hasn’t been seen yet.  Season 8 had Doomsday, Season 9 had Zod.  Darksied has only factored in to what?  2 out of the first 6 episodes?  The overall story kinda has focused more on Clark and then Clark & Lois.  Soooo I guess that’s good, it just feels different.

    With no Darkseid and no Michael Rosenbaum, I like what they’re doing with the clone Lex.  This kid could be the future Lex, or if Rosenbaum comes back, maybe he’ll speed age back, or maybe the original will just appear.  I don’t really know where they’re going with the Lex story and I imagine they have two plans.  One for if they can’t get Rosenbaum back and another if he does.  I just hope he comes back cuz this show needs to end with him and Welling!  Thats how it started, and thats how it would finish, ideally.  Anyone disagree?

    Overall enjoyment from this dictates I give it 4 out of 5..

  16. Vote for SMALLVILLE to be on the cover of TV GUIDE!

  17. In retrospect, I just realized what else is missing from this season.  Something that every other season has had and we took for granted.

    !!!!!!!!!! CHLOE!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Creepy Lex kid is creepy.  Will we get to see Michael Rosenbaum at some point this year?  I hope so.

  19. A top-to-bottom snoozefest for the second week in a row.

    Next week looks back on track, though.

  20. I’ll agree it was a slower episode but I liked parts of it. It’s too bad this show just couldn’t have a 13/14 episode season so we’d get all the plot at once. That’s what slowed down Supernatural in season 5. That said I’m still liking this season a lot.

  21. Didn’t Clark just see himself as Superman a few weeks ago? Why is he so hisitant of taking up the role he knows he’s destined for?

  22. @MikeFarley: It wouldn’t be SMALLVILLE if he didn’t.

  23. Holy crap, was it that hard to not suck?! Smallville, it’s your last season so why are you wasting time on irrelevant stories like this. I can’t even look at you right now, man. The meteor shower struck kansas but now also struck some town out in the middle of nowhere, that’s nowhere near smallville. I guess they wanted some Lois and Clark bonding session now that everything’s out in the open, but man that superhero rally or whatever sounds like that woulda suited a whole lot more.

    Smallville, if your life had a face I would punch it in the balls.

  24. The Lex theme this season is very cool! I’m very excited to see how they progress it.. Long Live Smallville!!!!!

  25. Did I imagine it or did Clark shoot someone with a shotgun and not even think twice about it?

  26. @ryanhoyt: finally someone else said that. when i saw that I was like "did clark just kill a guy and not even care" it appears the answer is yes, lol. 

  27. @lexprime haha nice! i knew i wasn’t crazy, my wife saw it too, but i hadn’t seen anyone mention it anywhere!

  28. The way the clone Lex is growing he’ll be played by Michael Rosenbaum in like two weeks.

  29. @aguapimp82: I agree, I think he will grow to lex’s age that he should be and then he’ll find that formula to stop him froming aging so fast and then there you have it…lex will be back!

    @ryanhoyt: yep it appears not to many others noticed it. I still just cant believe he shot someone and just didnt even blink!  crazyness!

  30. I’ll have to rewatch, but are you sure he didn’t just shoot the gun into the air to scare people as a warning shot???  I doubt they would have Clark shoot someone…

  31. @Superyan: That’s what I thought he did.

  32. @superyan maybe you’re right, but I could have sworn the shot was directly followed by a close-up of one of the scarecrow-looking guys falling to the ground like he was hit by the blast.  Will have to rewatch it when it’s on the CW website later this week.

  33. @superyan: I am pretty sure the scarecrow looking guy did fall to the ground(and die) I am going to go look now just to make sure:)

  34. ok I just looked and its a very missleading camera angle. you hear a shot and clark has the gun not pointed up or straight but kinda inbetween where he could of shot either way. and then the camera shows the scarecrow guy really close up but it looks like he just turns to the side out of the camera view but it all happens so fast it kinda looks like he’s falling to the ground(and maybe he is) but on a closer inspection I am going to agree with coner and anyone else that clark did NOT just kill a guy.

    I should of known better then to doubt superman! 🙂

  35. @lexprime thank goodness he didn’t actually shoot the guy then.  that would have been an extremely sloppy thing for the show-runners to do, for sure. thanks for double checking!

  36. @RyanHoyt: no problem and I too am glad that the show didn’t make that HUGE  mistake.