Smallville – S10E04 – Homecoming

Tonight's episode – Homecoming

Tonight, Clark has his 5th year high school reunion and Brainiac takes on the role of Jacob Marley and all three ghosts as he takes Clark on a journey through the past, present and future. This one promises to be a comic fan wet dream.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc., but since it's Friday night it will probably most likely be post-show analysis.



  1. Uh.  They already had an "It’s a Wonderful Life" episode. It involved Lex Luthor and other fun stuff.

  2. It’s the 200th episode so it’s only fitting that they do a recp episode

  3. Plus, Clip shows are funderful.


  5. the look on Clark’s face…PRICELESS

  6. Seriously. So awesome.

  7. This shit just got real!

  8. daily planet Clark makes his appearence!

  9. "how did I become so uptight?…and nerdy?" classic

  10. awwww!


  12. Officially one of my top fav episodes! A perfect episode for a final season. This season is already waaay better than last season!

  13. This season is great so far and will probably be the best season for sure because everything is happening this season, they just can’t drag it out any longer….no filler episodes this season! lol 

  14. @redlibertyx: This wasn’t IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE (this is what life is lie without you), this was A CHRISTMAS CAROL (here is your past, present, and future).

    FANTASTIC episode. It was a treat for those that have been watching for these last ten years, and woof – when they showed scenes from season one. They were such babies! (And so were we.)

  15. @conor would it be so bad, for Welling to graduate to the big screen? i mean i like Routh, but WOULD it be so bad?

    p.s. i love me some Erica Durance ( I’m a sucker for a pretty brunette )

  16. Great episode. Liked what they did with Braniac.

  17. LOVED Ollie’s speach. great stuff.

  18. that was an awesome ending.

  19. Wonderfully sentimental and stirring episode.  This is both what Superman and the Smallville soap format is all about… delivering a moving message of hope, with scifi spun in, nods to Superman and Smallville mythos, and a satisfying emotional conclusion.

    The punchbowl ‘shipper moment was brilliant because it stacked Lois up against the past without destroying her credibility as a romantic foil.

    You can’t do this kind of episode all the time, but you definitely need to bring it at least once in 200 and glade they delivered.

  20. @RahUniQue: No, but I’m not in charge of Warner Bros. so it doesn’t matter what I think.

  21. @RahUniQue: Actually, let me refine that.

    For me personally, it wouldn’t be BAD if Welling played Superman in a movie. I wouldn’t have any problem with it because I think he’s a great Superman.


    I understand WHY the studio wouldn’t want it. They cast Welling as Superman and it ceases to be a SUPERMAN movie and it becomes a SMALLVILLE movie. THen it becomes something that Warner Bros. TV can take credit for (the TV and film divisions are seperate and competing divisions)plus you run therisk of people saying, "The guy from that dumb show? Ugh, I’m not seeing that."

    So the reasons why they wouldn’t want him make sense to me.

    But no one has been cast yet, so who knows. Anything is possible.

  22. Loved the ending 🙂

  23. This was the best episode, they had Brainiac & the Bug guy from the first Season!!! Man this was extreme nostalgia, and yet so awesome cause now Clark’s going to finally! Be able to let things go FINALLY!!! Now let’s get SUperman going NOW!!! P.S. He nailed Oliver Queen perfectly, can’t wait what happens next!!!

  24. This episode really played well to Smallville’s strengths. It gave long term fans a nod, had an adapted christmas carol message leading not only to Clark’s enlightenment but also to the viewer on breaking barriers and living in the present. Solid performances all round, this episode is why I wait anxiously every week for Smalliville.

    On a lighter note: Holy Freaking Awesome the ending was insane! 

  25. At first I was "hmmm…" and then in the middle i was "hmmm?" but at the end man i was all like "hmmm!"

    No seriously, this was fabtastic! It’s great that they played to the darkness storyline that’s been building up but brought it back to very simple human terms with his guilt over his dad’s death. And the future…hooboy! It was just so much fun! It’s weird that i was expecting an ep a bit like this but to come close towards the end of the season. The fact it was at ep 4 … I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    On a side note. In the first scene when he’s looking at the Time magazine, I’d turned away for a minute, just as he says "question". I looked back and said "Vic?" Hell, I’d take Montoya too. If either of them showed up it’d just feel right.

  26. GREAT episode.  Wonderful flashbacks.  It worked for all kinds of reasons.  Loving this final season. 

  27. Wow! The writers are doing an excellent job with Lois, I myself have fallen for her…. I love Lois, there I said it. Don’t tell my wife! And Clark talking to his future self gave me goose bumps….. Long Live Smallville!!!!!!

  28. For SUCH a long time, I pined and pined and pined for Clark and Lana to end up together; I loved any scene that involved Clark and Lana’s budding romance, and I didn’t really care for how things ended up with this show’s Lois.

    But now, after who knows how many seasons with Lois, after this episode in particular, I’ve finally gotten to the point where seeing Clark and Lois love each other gives me the same wonderful, tingling, warm feeling of exhilaration Lana Lang’s presence in the show used to.

    Ten years; GO SMALLVILE!!! 😀 😀 😀  

  29. Holy crap. Ten years. How young(er) we all were! While only a casual fair-weathered Smallville fan, I will be sad when it ends. I never, never thought I’d ever be sentimental over this show. While I never found it consistently to my liking, I will mourn it’s passing….. I’m old.

  30. I’m sure it’s been said but Durance is the best Lois ever.  Now, that could also be the writing, which Lois-wise is spot on.  Excellent episode. 

    I for one, think the movie should go with an older Superman.  I don’t want another origin.  A mature Superman would make a more interesting movie, I think.

  31. we need the whole group of heros together this season that would make me very happy

  32. Fantastic Episode! – just finished watching … a little late, DVR is a life saver. 


    Man, they really delivered with this episode… what a final season. I love it… and I’m all for Tom Welling playing Superman if that comes to be. Also, Oliver/Justin Hartly is one hell of an actor, imo. I can watch a stand alone green arrow series.