Smallville – S10E01 – Lazarus

Tonight's episode – Lazarus

Here we go. The 10th and final season of Smallville begins now. I can hardly believe it, if I'm being honest. I can still remember sitting in the big screening room at San Diego Comic-Con ten years ago with Ron when we saw the premiere of the Smallville trailer. It looked fantastic. We were ecstatic. So was the audience in the screening room.

I never thought it would last this long.


They're puling out all the stops in the final season, even all but saying that Clark will don the red and blue costume in the final episode. They only thing they haven't mentioned? The return of Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor. Are they trying to pull a "Geroge Glooney won't return to ER" fast one on us? I hope so. It will be really disappointing if he doesn't make a final appearance.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc., but since it's Friday night it will probably most likely be post-show analysis.


  1. I really think M.R. is going to come back as Luthor. I might watch the season premiere tonight, even tho the show lost after season 4, the high school years were the best on that show in my opinion, after that it tanked for me.

  2. @Bat4Life: I liked the midle seasons after the freak of the week early eps. Seasons 4 and 5 were good then I think it went down hill. Still, there are some good gems in these later seasons like the Geoff Johns episodes.

  3. It was fun growing up with this series. Haven’t missed a single episode since day one. When Clark was a freshman in highschool during Season 1, so was I. I guess I felt a stronger connection since I was growing up as the character was in the show. Anyway, can’t wait to watch this but I’ll have to wait until Sunday night unfortunately.

  4. Here we go…

  5. I’m getting a Field of Dreams vibe.

  6. Jor-El’s kind of a jerk.

  7. Oh hey. Chloe’s got herself a Surface…

  8. Love the painting.


  10. Ms. Fate?

  11. What the fuck did I miss?!

  12. @boomergirl

    Clark "died"

    Lois saved him and she knows he is the Blur
    Ollie is captive
    Chloe used Dr. Fate’s helmet to find him.
    Clone of Lex is on the Rampage with Lois as hostage.

  13. @JesTr Thanks for the recap. I honestly had no clue that the premiere was tonight.

  14. @boomergirl: Supernatural is premiering tonight as well.

  15. Was that blue kryptonite in the Fortress?

  16. Pa! Heart attack!

  17. Who was that?

  18. Looks like they are going with the suit from Superman Returns. I wish it was more classic.

  19. If they keep that up, especially finding old cast members to come back, I’m really pumped for the season.

  20. @JesTr  I’m prett sure that’s Darkseid, he’s been the teased villian for this season.

  21. was the guy in next weeks promo Deadshot?

  22. @uvayankee1: That was my first thought but it was hard to tell.

  23. @boomergirl Looks like it.  Wikipedia confirms for what it’s worth.

  24. Aaaaww, what?  We’re doing the live blogging and I missed it?  Boo.  Well, I’ll see y’all next week!

  25. Awesome premiere! As always!  When he stood up and came back, I got chills.  Then again when he caught the Daily Planet globe! After all these years, we finally see the suit.  I’m beyond geeked for this season.  I’m fairly certain it will be the best yet. The only thing that worries me is Michael Rosenbaum’s insisting for years that he will not be back.  Heres hoping he changes his mind. Smallville will not have its proper ending without MR as Lex. He was and is still the best Lex. Can’t wait for Welling to try the suit on!!

    Next week is Deadshot and the return of Hawkman!  I believe Hawkgirl (Shayera Hall) will appear as well..  woooooooooooo

     Yes, that was Darkseid in the smoke! 😀

  26. Lol. When I saw the preview for next week’s episode; I thought it was Jonah Hex! I’m such a boob.

  27. Really hard to tell if that was Darkseid definitely should be for this season! I mean come on "greatest evil ever faced" that is Darkseid’s MO for the entire DCU he has to be the final villain for the final season they have already used up the other good Superman villains. Also I guess Tess is raising Lex? Weird don’t know what’s going on there also Lex is actually dead? The future Lex will just be a clone? What!?!?! Whatev at least some suit action coming soon & that John Schneider appearance saved for last was so heartfelt it really made the episode for me. So def a great season opener one of the best Smallville’s had in recent years, will definitely be watching this season & I pray that they do Darkseid justice & that Michael Rosenbaum comes back as Lex even though the clone said he died.

  28. Some quick thoughts:

    – So it wasn’t Parademons that attacked Ollile last season it was the U.S. government. Shades of the last Superman story arc.

    – Really didn’t like the guy who played Old Clone Lex. Interesting that, in the past, they always obscured the face of Lex and his clones and now they’re not. I wonder if that’s tacit confirmation that Rosenbaum isn’t coming back for sure.

    – I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that they were going to turn Chloe into the next Dr. Fate (there was, of course, a brief period of time when Inza Nelson was Dr. Fate). I wonder if they are going to go that way.

    – Next week is definitely Deadshot.

    Darkseid is definitely the Big Bad for this season.

    – Loved the final scene.

  29. Oh man…I stopped watching Smallville after like…season 6. But I guess I’ll have to Netflix the other seasons to catch up. There’s no way I’d miss watching this final epic season of Smallville…

  30.  I don’t think Michael  Rosenbaum is coming back, he did tweet this a while back…

     "Sorry," wrote Rosenbaum. "It’s not ‘Smallville’ related. I’ve already stated that I’m not returning. I’d never lead you guys on like that. I appreciate your support."

  31. @mykey: That sounds pretty definitive then.

  32. The scene towards the end of the episode with Pa Kent and Clark was great. i honestly was fighting back a tear in my left eye. Yup, just my left.. The warm glow of a sunny day on the Kent farm was perfect for their dream like scene. Everyone involved with bringing Smallville to the small screen has my respect… Smallville is such an underrated TV show and when it’s all said and done, I’m gonna look back fondly on 10 great years of TV. 

  33. Woo-hoo!

    "The debuts of former Thursday night-mates Smallville and Supernatural delivered CW’s best numbers on Friday in 2 years. The premiere of Smallville‘s final season (1.3/5 in 18-49, 2.9 million) finished 3rd in the hour in 18-49, beating ABC and Fox, while winning outright in adults 18-34."


  34. I’ve got to be honest, Welling is becoming one of my favourite superman’s it’s been nice seeing him grow up and really get the character. I hoping they do something cool with Lex as while Darkseid is an awesome villain Superman’s biggest foe has always been Lex and I want to see both character go out with a bang.

  35. What exactly is Michael Rosenbaum doing?


    Also i think that if the ended smallville like 2-3 years ago and Tom Welling had some time to ditch the teen/20’s clark and got serious he would have been a great Superman. I still think he can be but i doubt he will be cast.

  36. i reckon MR will be back. too bad Lana (does anyone remember her?!) isn’t coming back though. CLANA 4 SMALLVILLE!!

  37. oh, and who is oliver being held by? i reckon its OMACS

  38. @conor  so, do you know if those things that attacked oliver are OMACS? i would really want to know

  39. @Checkmate  Not OMACs. I’m pretty sure that was revealed in the second episode that they were soldiers with the Suicide Squad? I think? I can’t remember exactly, it was a while ago.

  40. @conor  thanks. do you think there will be suppport for a SV movie? they could bring bats in. .

  41. @Checkmate  None whatsoever. WB is already making their Superman movie.

  42. @conor  yeah, but COME ON! wouldnt it be shame to get to the season 10 last ep then say ‘thats all folks’?

  43. @Checkmate  Not really – that’s how TV shows work. Ten years is enough, I think.