Smallville – S09E17 – Upgrade

Tonight's episode – Upgrade

Josh Flanagan's least favorite comic book character John Corben get a new firmware upgrade, allowing him to play Flash videos. Which Clark can not do! What does Metallo have in store for Lois, and will she need to get a tetanus shot?


Alright, early adopters and skeptics! What do you think about the new Metallo, and what should be included in his next update?

Don't say multitasking.


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    After fighting Brainiac and Zod, isn’t Metallo really kind of downgrade, conflict wise? It’s kind of astonishing he wasn’t a season one one through seven villain. 

  2. Wonder if the whole mad at chole all the time thing will be over soon. It seems like they use that too often.

  3. What Smallville has been preempted by baseball.??? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like I can’t watch this until 8pm tomorrow.

  4. Lois has been unconscious three times already this episode. Brain damage must not exist in Smallville.

  5. @s1lentslayer HAHAHAHA Well said sir, well said. Seriously doesn’t anybody else feel like the show is just limping to its last episodes? I haven’t been able to enjoy this show eversince the whole clone idea with Lex & Lana, also that whole Lex’s dead infant brother is cloned & grown up in double time? It was like Superman meets Clone Saga!

  6. @SpiderTitan I think it’s been quite the opposite. Smallville has had some of the best episodes in the past few seasons, since then. They’re really stepping up Clark’s role as the superhero and his place amongst the other heroes. I look forward to seeing how they finish it up and am loving every episode.

    Try to put any crappy storylines (and there have been a few: stalker Clark, kryptonian magic tramp-stamps, kryptonite-woman-lana, clones) behind you and just enjoy the ride towards the final season.

  7. i know…i have to wait until tomorrow also….and then my Mets go and blow the game…UGH!

  8. Loved it! Smallville= GreenTastic………

  9. Allow me introduce "man not caring"……aaaaeeeeeehhh.

  10. @Cheezdog I will admit one thing I honestly haven’t really watched much of the new season of Smallville b/c I got so tired of it once they killed of Jimmy Olsen, but that being said I did get a chance to watch the new episode last night. I have to say. I was BLOWN AWAY! WOW I really have not been this entertained by a TV show since around the mid episodes of Heroes Season 1. I don’t know that much of what’s going on cause I missed the last few episodes, but I really enjoyed the episode & I take by my last comment & will tune into more Smallville for the future. Damn You Conor! You’ve sparked my interest with this preview clip & now I have converted!!! AHHHHH!!!! lol