Smallville – S09E13 – Persuasion

Tonight's Episode – Persuasion

Love is in the air! Chemically aided love, but love nonetheless!



As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Creapy…. kinda reminds me of one of my favourite Lois & Clark eps but….. I doubt it’ll be as good, but worth a look I guess

  2. Hahahaha. This feels like a two drink minimum episode of Smallville…

  3. I didnt see last week. anything important?

  4. I didn’t see it yet either, which is why I’m not watching again tonight, sadly.

  5. Oh man. The Jaws-ish music over getting hitched. AWESOME. This episode is going to be so much fun.

  6. @AlanRob nothing special……wait Zantanna was there but nonthing to do with Zod and the kandorian

  7. Apparently this is going to be an episode where Clark will be an ass and than not learn that importan lesson at the end. maybe I should pass out now

  8. Who knew that the drug addict from Dead Like Me can play a bad ass

  9. This is basically a live action Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane issue

  10. Now that’s one hell of a wedding march

  11. Oh man. Lois Lane dancing in a wedding dress. BRILLIANT! 

  12. Did Clark just hypnotize himself?

  13. OH SHIT! Chloe getting in on the fighting!! When has that ever happened?

  14. Finally Clark is getting proactive.

  15. more checkmate clues next week!

  16. that would have been a perfect time for pseudo jLa to show up behind clark, but at last smallville screws up again

  17. Ok, so… wouldn’t blowing up two giant buildings in the middle of Metropolis, like… KILL ANYBODY?!

  18. Oooh, and the Wonder Twins episode! Awesome!

  19. Oh, and commercial-wise? Thumbs up to the Crisis commercials, and the Twilight parody.

  20. The wedding dress scene….worst in all the seasons of smallville.

  21. Well, here’s the letdown episode after a few homeruns in a row.  Very lacklustre.  Couldn’t we have done this same story, without being played up for ‘comic effect’ and without meteor rocks?  This was a season 1 episode.  boo. 

  22. do u guys think anyone will get angry about the two towers imagery at the end?

  23. Parts of this episode had a silver age feel to it. 

  24. I liked this one over all.  The laughs with Lois served to brighten an otherwise extremely dark episode.  While the "Rainbow Kryptonite" brought out the comedy, it also brought things between Clark & Zod to a boiling point!

  25. I feel like this was one of the worst episodes of Smallville in a long time.  I agree completely with Crippler in that it felt very much like a season 1 episode.

    One of the continuing themes for this season that I have not enjoyed has been the reverance that Clark has felt towards Jor-El (seemingly) at the expense of Jonathan Kent.  One of the central tenents for Superman is that even though he is an orphan and and the ‘last’ of his species, the home that he was brought up in gave him love and indoctrinated him into human culture.  This has never (to my recollection) been used as a response whenever Zod is lecturing Clark.

    Chloe and Tess throwing down was my highlight for the episode.  (I love it when Chloe actually gets to do something)

    How is Waller going to react when she finds out that her agent Tess aided and allowed a bunch of aliens with potential for near god-like power to gain a foothold on Earth?

    The use of a time-table for the construction of the tower was COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS!  He is Superman, the sun could be rising and he could still stop the problem from occurring and Zod should have been completely aware of it.  Just dumb, dumb, dumb.

  26. Everyone describing this as a season one type episode makes me even more excited to watch it! Season one remains my favorite season.

  27. It felt like a season 1 episode because of the freak of the week, not because of the sweet slices of melodrama that would begin and end the show.  There were moments I liked this week, but the episode really didn’t need the random meteor rock effect. 

  28. @Crippler: I loved the Freak of the Week episodes.

  29. @Conor – Then we can no longer be friends.  😉  Obviously there was something I loved about the show to keep watching for 9 years.  I loved those early season shows in spite of the FotW not because of though.  For me, it was all about the great ma and pa Kent relationship and those longing barn window lana-stalking window moments, all drenched in the glorious sepia toned twilight of evening. 

    Boy, that really makes me think back and realize that one of the things I loved about the show in the early years was the cinematography and even the lighting.  I think that’s something we’ve really lost over the years. 

  30. This was a dreadful episode, although I liked the ending because I was thinking just a few minutes before that he could easily stop Zod by just destroying the building. I have to assume that as the building started to collapse he’d have to go there at super-speed to make sure nobody got hurt by the collapse.

  31. Wow, this was fantastic. The best episode of the season after the JSA movie. Funny, touching, action-y – everything I want out of this show.