Smallville – S09E10 – Disciple

Tonight's Episode – Disciple

You'd think that Smallville would be returning to the airwaves with the much hyped two-hour Justice Society movie. Nope. Tonight's episode is about Green Arrow's mysterious mentor, the Dark Archer. Ooookay.

Anyway, normally this is where I embed the trailer but all the trailers on-line seem to feature footage from next week's Absolute Justice movie so I find them all to ebe suspect. Here's a clip instead:



As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. So Bullseye killed Lois? 🙂

  2. I didn’t even realize this was on until my wife asked what the DVR was recording… 

  3. wow, crickets….

  4. Friday night shows are usually.

  5. This is going to be awesome!

  6. Finally got to watch tonight’s episode. This was pretty fun. Some thoughts:

    Clark and Lois are cute when they’re dating (!).

    I like Mia I hope they keep her around more. She needs A LOT more training, though. Totally useless against the Dark Archer.

    It’s funny that the Dark Archer had Green Arrow facial hair.

    They must have cut way back on the extras budget. After the first scene there was like no one else on screen but the principals.

    Green Arrow is a Sith, basically. And they do NOT fuck around about their vows.

    I would like to see an episode where some poor low level archers had to cut that giant maze in the park.

    I liked that the Dark Archer had just a regular bow, not a super fancy techie one like Green Arrow. Oliver needs a simpler bow. It’s cooler.

    I would like to have the job on the set of SMALLVILLE where I get to blow Allison Mack’s hair with a little fan everytime Clark leaves a room.

    I still don’t find Zod to be all that compelling of a villain. I start to lose interest when he shows up.

    Bring on next week!

  7. I really hope if there is a season 10 that Mia is made into a regular.  I had Robin vibes when she was talking to Oliver at the end.

    Zod felt more creepy than menacing in this episode, but outside that, I thought it was a much better GA-centric episode than Roulette was.

  8. Isnt the bad archer Merlyn? He has the same facial hair Merlyn has.

  9. Bring on next week indeed. 

    Chole, Chloe Chloe… you should have died instead of Jimmy.  They have no idea what to do with this character. 

    Zod is pretty boring, only sort of vaguely threatening and worst of all, I don’t find his accent appealing. 

  10. Explaino? Is that a new form of Draino?

  11. Overall, it was good to have the show back.  Clark needs to stop whining and I’m getting really tired of Chloe always going to extremes and self-destructing. 

    Worst part of the episode: Dialogue between Dark Archer and Oliver in the park.  I’ve heard more compelling dialogue in an episode of "Secret life of the American Teenager."  (I’ve seen scenes on The Soup!)


    Best part:  Lois’s new dye job.  Highlights were out 4 years ago.  


    Unfortunately, this show seems to be turning into a "Love Actually" ensemble piece where the principals show up to do their scene and dash off to Tim Horton’s for a latte.  They’re not into it anymore.  


    Random thought:  Actually fast forwarding to the future where the yellow sun was turned red and now building up to it is kind of a cold shower.  

  12. It was really nice to have new episodes of Smallville. Next Friday can’t come sooner! ABSOLUTE JUSTICE!!!

  13. One thing that really stood out in the show was the repeated mentioning of  the need for mentors.  Martian Manhunter never really fulfilled that role for Clark, but I think that they were leading us toward next week. 

  14. Can anyone explain how making the yellow sun into a red sun is going to help Zod?  I get it takes away Clark’s powers, but how does it help them?  Are we to believe that for some reason the Kryptonian’s get power under red or are they harnessing the yellow sun power somehow?  I’m still confused on that whole thing…

  15. The last time i watched a full episode of this Lois was a totally new character, the move to metropolis had not happened yet and i’m pretty sure lex and lana were about to get together or maybe had. i haven’t seen a whole episode since then but i’m thinking of netflixing what i missed. can anyone steer me toward episodes that i MUST see. the commercials for the new season have me slightly intrigued

  16. Why can’t they do this series for Batman? Who wouldn’t watch a series called Gotham? Pre-costume young Bruce Wayne learning how to be a detective. Not a ninja, we’ve seen that in Batman Begins. But a nice, gritty true crime drama. 
    I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on this show. I heard the first seasons we’re pretty bad with sort of an x-files monster of the week vibe. Where’s the best place to get into the show? 
  17. @mikefederalidotcom: They pitched a yhoung Bruce Wayne series before this one (I believe the title was "Bruce Wayne"). I pilot script was written that was apparently very good. The WB decided that if you take away his costume, Bruce Wayne is just a kid with a lot of gadgets. They went the Superman route because Superman without his costume is still Superman. I don’t entirely agree with that reasoning but I can see why they did it.

    The best place to start with SMALLVILLE is season one, episode one. I don’t think the quality of season one has been matched by any subsequent season.

  18. I thought this episode was just so-so. This whole season has just been so-so. I’m more interested in the Green Arrow than I am Clark anymore. I love the episodes that focus on him, and his struggle with being a hero. I LOVE Louis Lane! She is in my opinoin the best portrayed Louis in any show or movie.

    I am also getting tired of Chloe. More the dialoge between her and Clark. Its the exact same in every episode. She keeps 1 bit of info from him and he throws a fit. Its been like that for the past few seasons. I dont think they should kill her but she def needs a character change.

    And Zod, Zod has become a pretty big let down. I like the actor and how he does seem like a young Terrance Stampe, but they really have done NOTHING  with him. I get bored when he is on. I REALLY do miss Lex Luthor. He was really becoming the best character in the show. I missed him last season and I miss him even more this season.

    And sadly, I think Clark is even becoming very stale and like Chloe. Anymore all he does is whine. The only time I like seeing him is when he is with Louis or the few encounters with Zod. Any other time he just whine or tells Chloe or Oliver how bad they are. I truely think that the only saving grace for this show has been the guest heroes. Although they should spend more time on certain ones. Metallo would have been good for a 2 parter.

    And WHEN,WHEN,WHEN will they have Bruce Wayne make an apperance?!! Or Hal Jordan?!! Or Diana?!! Evryone but those 3! Maybe they are saving them for the finale season. Which better be soon cause IDK how much longer I can be faithful to it.

  19. @kalel2783: You can probbaly bank on those three never showing up on this show.

  20. I know, a guy can dream. It’s a shame! A god damned shame!

  21. @conor and @mikefederal, you are right about Bruce Wayne Conor, but I also believe Al Gough, Mike Tollin, and Brian Robbins were all previously connected in some way with Birds of Prey.  It had its moments, but I think we can agree that overall, it was baaaaaaaaad. 

  22. For all those who want Bruce in the show, I would argue that Ollie (sans particulars of his costume) is pretty close.  At least he is close enough for me to not think that they are missing anything.

    That much having been said, Bruce will never appear here.  WB has put their foot down pretty consistently on this issue.

  23. Well, considering that Green Arrow was initially a blatant rip-off of Batman, yes, he generally does fit the role pretty well.