Smallville – S09E03 – Rabid

Tonight’s episode – “Rabid”

In terms of quality episodes, so far so good this season.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Oh, lovely. Zombies.

  2. If I actually had access to the CW I would watch this simply so I could take part in the discussion.  I hope you guys enjoy it.

  3. Lois is a Black Lantern already?


    Speaking of. When Smallville eventually ends (given how much the CW has tried to keep the show around, I’d guess in another ten seasons), I think they should do a Green Lantern/Green Arrow TV show. That would be awesome. 

  4. @redlibertyx: Awesome and way out of the realm, budget-wise.

  5. You know, considering how badly Clark treated Lois last season, I’m surprised she’s still interested in him

  6. That’s kind of a blase motorcycle chase.

  7. I thnk Oliver is drunk again.

  8. Only one cop car for the chase?

  9. I’m not sure how I feel about this zombie thing. I’m not feeling it.

  10. @conor the way I see it would have the same tone as Farscape (and you could even use puppets for non-humans like Salaak who would show up once in a long while). I think it’s doable. Just make it a road trip series, like Supernatural.

  11. just a little late with the kill.

  12. @redliberty: In the past I would have thought for sure that SMALLVILLE would be it for awhile for long form superhero TV shows, especially after the disaster that was BIRDS OF PREY, and the non-starter series GRAYSON and BRUCE WAYNE, but now with this new DC Entertainment mandate to exploit more DC properties anything is possible.

  13. Tess needs to get some better skincare products.

  14. I suppose we were due for a cllunker of an episode, and so far this one’s pretty boring.

  15. Now Clark’s going to have to kill Lois cuz she’s infected.

  16. So the police/motorcycle chase turned into a traffic stop?

  17. Oooooh, Pamela Anderson reference. That’s about ten years out of date.

  18. Lois is a leeetle bit stalkery in her "connection" to the Red/Blue Blur.

  19. go random video game reference

  20. I’m so glad other people made the Black lantern joke before I did. 

  21. so to beat the black lanterns, all it has to do is rain superman blood. why didn’t we think of this before.

  22. They really do get a lot of use out of that one city block set.

  23. This has been a really weak episode. It was bound to happen, I guess.

  24. Green Arrow… no more!

  25. Wow. They’re going back to the farm a lot this season. AND FUCK YOU LANA LANG. FUCK YOU.


    Sorry, it’s a pavlovian response. 

  26. Wow, does this mean that Clark has *finally* movied on from Lana? Took long enough.

  27. This guy is doing a pretty good Terrance Stamp without doing an impersenation..

  28. Who didn’t see that coming? Well, besides the dead guy?

  29. note to self, never kneel before Zod.

  30. All things being equal, I"d have rather have been watching baseball.

  31. soo, no shirtless Justin Hartley next week? Whatever… DOLLHOUSE TIME!

  32. Having this show on Friday nights sucks. I never make it in for the live blogging. 

    Also, yes, Conor, baseball IS better watch.. especially since the Yankees are losing.  hehe

  33. I thought tonight was kind of weak but I thought the ending picked up a lot. WTF is Ollie gonna do now that he burned the uni?


    I almost thought they were also gonna pull another "lets go back in time" so Lois forgets everything again. Oh well. I still think the season is off to a decent start, despite tonight’s weird episode.

  34. Oh man.. am I alone on loving this one!?  I was skeptical at first when I heard that it was about zombies.  But wow.. its also hard to believe it took 9 seasons before we had a zombie episode when you think about it.  Anyways, call me a koolaid drinker, but I was geeking out from start to finish!  This was comicbook crazy, Superman fun!  Not to mention, this show in HD is gorgeous.  Tonight I especially noticed the fantastic cinematography… it was feature film-like at times.  The shot when Lois changes back while Clark is holding her was amazing!  I went in expecting to hate this one.. but dammit I loved it!  It gets 4.5 Kryptonian virus infected zombies out of 5 from me!

  35. I can’t believe its still falling in the  ratings! There’s gotta be something we can do! I don’t this season has been spectacular, but its not as bad as it should b! I would kill for a Smallville film…cast is soo good! This episode was great and I loved the last few scenes! KNEEL BEFORE ZOD.

  36. @RKB: If there’s one thing you’re definitely not going to get, it’s a SMALLVILLE film.

  37. still waiting for batman and gl to be on the show but that will never happen

    who s excited for the jsa episode

  38. @Conor That’s prolly true, but I’d heard that Warner Bros needed to make a Superman film by 2011 or the families of Siegal and Shuster might sue. Why not just increase Smallville’s budget and string like 3-4 eps together and release them as a film?

  39. Dawn of the Dead meets Smallville.  This episode wasn’t bad but it felt like it was one of those random filler episodes.  I liked the zombies and I’m not feeling Zod yet.  I will say that in her short time on the show Erica Durance (Lois) is probably the best actor/actress on the show. She has a far better range and by range I mean rack… J/k. No really she has played Lois, Chloe as Lois, Ursa in Lois’ body, and Zombie Lois.

  40. This episode, sponsered by Microsoft. count the product placements.

    And only a few years ago, it was Apple!

  41. @Cheezdog: Get used to it. In the age of TIVO and DVRs, these shows have to fund themselves somehow.

  42. I didn’t get why Zod had a sword, but I liked the episode.  It’s kind of funny… two of the biggest events in the DCU right now are World of New Krypton (lots of Kryptonians on Earth) and Blackest Night (Zombies).  This season has had BOTH of those stories!