Smallville – S09E02 – Metallo

Tonight’s episode – “Metallo”

If you live in the New York City area like me, you’re not going to be watching this tonight because it is being preempted for baseball. It’ll be on Saturday night instead.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Woah. When was the last time they were at the farm?

  2. awesome, metallo is in the house, by far my favorite superman enemies

  3. Lois as the worst poker face in the world

  4. I really like how Chloe tore Clark a new one at the farm and then again in the tower-y-place-thing-head-quarters. That was pretty special.

  5. Hmmmm…Metallo, The Man with the Kryptonite Heart!  (I always loved that tag line.)

  6. man, should of got out when you had the chance.

  7. OOOOOOOOOH SHIT! Let the speculation begin. I’m going to go with a rejiggered Mon-el. 

  8. who the hell was that? this season is starting off great.

  9. This was pretty good.  I like how they have slimmed the focus down.  They clearly have direction for what is going on and where the story is supposed to go. 

    Also, nice ‘Terminator’ name drop.

  10. I wonder if only the east coast watches smallville


  11. Well the NYers didn’t watch it. And that probably cut into a lot of the numbers. Without our fearless leader here, it was much harder to do the liveblogging thing.

  12. I could handle a full season of episodes of this quality.  Not amazing, but good.  My only problem continues to be the expectations that someday they have to return to the mythos we know (glasses, costume, no chloe). 

    Also, I had to assume that was Kara in the symbol at the end.  She went off into space with Zod..and now she’s back, right?

  13. @Crippler … yep Kara was pulled out of the phantom zone in season 8 ..

  14. Another good one i think.  Too bad it appears that the Friday move has really reduced viewership… I gotta think if they put it on in the open wednesday slot, it would do somewhat better… I did see that it was high on iTunes tv show downloads though…

  15. Smallville is the greatest show on CW… which (not surprisingly) says very little. Still a good show tho.

    I’ve been following since season 1, episode 1

  16. Why did they put this show on against Dollhouse??  Same viewers. 


    The body on the ground is either Kara, Mon-El, Clark from 31 century, or Earth 2 Superman.

  17. @marshak75: You posted this same think last week. It’s NOT on against DOLLHOUSE.

    SMALLVILLE – 8pm

    DOLLHOUSE – 9pm

  18. @conor:  It is where I live Connor.  Affiliates are jerks like that.  Yes, after I posted this, I realized that I said the same thing week.  Sorry.