Smallville – S09E01 – Savior

Tonight’s episode – “Savior”

(FYI – This promo seems to show events well beyond the first episode)

What will the switch to Friday night bring? A way less active liveblog, that’s for sure.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Tune in next year when you’ll be saying the seven little words you never thought you’d say: "The unbelievable TENTH season premier begins tonight!"

  2. They say they are commited to a tenth season. We’ll see how the ratings hold up with the move to Friday and if that commitment holds up.

  3. I’m going to come into this liveblog late. ‘Tis the lot of the Friday night liveblog.

  4. Damn it!!! I want to watch this but I no longer have CW on my satellite.  I guess I’ll have to watch it on the CW website later.

  5. Or maybe I won’t be coming in late. though I might be eating, which would cut down on the typing.

  6. I totally forgot that Jimmy died at the end of last season.

  7. I feel iike a girl of Chloe’s size should use two hands to hold the gun.

  8. There sure are a lot of people on this show that know Clark’s secret… like a lot.

  9. Lois should totally join the Legion of Superheroes. She could be Wordsmith Woman.

  10. This is quite an effects budget they have for the season opener.

  11. i haven’t watched this show since season 4, it doesn’t even seem like the same show anymore, so weird

  12. I thought lois was in the future?

  13. @RoiVampire: Yeah, the show has changed A TON in five years.

    @matthaber: She got zapped back by, presumaby, the Legion ring about two minutes ago.

  14. Food time.

  15. @conor must of missed that while logging on to my computer, my bad.


  17. Clark wore out three VHS copies of The Crow in middle school.  

  18. UGH… West Coast and my band has a show tonight. Have fun, everyone. I’m dvr’ing this one. Conor, thanks for doing this.

  19. He’s got super speed. Does he really need flight?

  20. Where’s Ma Kent in all of this? Shouldn’t she be like, "What the crap Clark? Don’t be a little goth punk?"

  21. I hate his costume.

  22. howdy ho neighboroonies

  23. A depowered Zod? that’s no fun.

  24. "Kneel before ZOD!" or backhand him like a bitch

  25. FELIX!

  26. What is Chloe running a small space program now?

  27. is Geida trustworthy on Smallville?

  28. I wish that it was Marty McFly who came back with Lois. Do we have any idea who the Ninja Chick is?

  29. Ursa maybe?

  30. @paul wasn’t ursa that chick zod was talking to earlier?

  31. Mercy needs some moisturizer.

  32. did no one care that B.A.G is on the show now?

  33. @bigyanks: He’s Metallo.

  34. I wonder if Wolverine if fighting in this cage match.

  35. @conor thanks i was spoiler free, jerk.

  36. Man, that barn… it has taken a beating these past nine years.

  37. What is this sword made out of?

  38. Also, I think the barn set is like the last one left that they actually use that’s in the town in the show’s title Well, that and the Lex’s mansion set.


  40. wait wtf, couldnt he just pull the sword out and cover the blue K?

  41. @bigyanks: Clark’s not that smart.

  42. @bigyanks you say that like Clark didn’t secretly want her dead for even LOOKING at Lois wrong.

  43. i have to admit this little asian girl is selling me on getting a windows PC. LOOK AT THE BUNNYS SET TO THE A_TEAM THEAM! OHHHH!!!!

  44. Despite a few nice action scenes, this is a very low key episode.

  45. That’s a wig, right? I hope that’s a wig.

  46. @conor erica Dunce is really starting to show her age.

  47. I think they’re going to send Mercy to Azkaban.

  48. I like this zod.

  49. I think it would be awesome if they did some variation on the New Krypton storyline.

  50. I think Callum is trying for a Terrence Stamp voice, but it’s coming across more like Garreth Keenan. 

  51. @matthaber: Yeah, I like him a lot too.


  53. Does this mean Clark is going to start working with zod?

  54. @matthaber: Probably. Especially if they do some variation of New Krytpon where Clark joins up with Zod’s army or something.

  55. Speaking of Azkaban, maybe this season or arc will play out like Prisoner of Azkaban with the ring as a Time Turner. 

  56. last time i saw this zod he was playing a coked out grim reaper.

  57. He’s your PAL, Clark!

  58. clark cant fly backwards yet, he cant travel to the past.

  59. @bigyanks – Dead Like Me FTW

  60. @Paul: Is Jimmy his pal, or will Jimmy’s bowtie-wearing younger brother be his pal?


  62. *raises the roof*

  63. One Tree Hill is still on?

  64. wow.  ANd i’m still waiting for it to be 8 pm on the west coast.

    maybe I shouldn’t have spoiled it by reading the comments.

  65. Oh no! Ms. Mercer misses all the Nazi regalia!

  66. Doesn’t Metallo seem like such a season 1-3 villain? 

  67. @Paul: Howso?

  68. Oh for cripes sakes…a gargoyle?

  69. best ending scene ever

  70. That’s the last time Lois takes LSD before bed.

  71. @conor – Just seems like Kryptonite was a bigger deal in the earlier seasons. The series has shifted more towards actual Kryptonians. 

  72. That dream sequence felt very Carnivale. 

  73. @Paul: Sure, but it’s also shifted into the mythos of which Metallo is a big part.

  74. That’s true. I guess I’m just surprised they hadn’t used him yet. 

  75. A good season premiere of Smallville.  Cant wait until next Fri. for more. The Legion Ring experience/LSD trip was wicked awesome!


  76. Bah, I missed it because I forgot it was on Central Time etc etc. I suppose I’ll have to watch it on youtube HD or something.

  77. can’t wait to see when the JSA episode is gonna be.

  78. See what happens when you don’t let the show’s producers have Batman on the show?  They try to turn Clark into some kind of Batman/Superman hybrid. 

    Pretty good season opener.  Let’s hope for a season-long overarching story that’s strong.  Last season’s was derailed by Lana, so without her to cloud the picture, it might be great. 
    Things I liked from the season opener – Kryptonian dog tags.  B.A.G.  Clark in his Superboy t-shirt. 

    Things I didn’t like – Dr. Hamilton ( I don’t understand the need for that character) Directionless Green Arrow.  I miss Lex. 

  79. Bring back the justice league episodes!!! I liked the eps dealing with all those guys.

  80. The move to Friday seems to be a bad idea:

    On the CW, the premiere of "Smallville" (2.5 million, 1.0) took a hit being moved to Fridays, down 45%. CW points out this is the network’s best performance in the time period in more than a year, though naturally if you burn off the (presumed) final season of one of your highest rated shows on the lowest-rated night of the week, that’s what you get.

  81. It should be noted that percentage drop is down from the AVERAGE of last season. From the season finale of last year it’s "only" down 20%.

  82. Vampire Diaries must fail so Smallville can go back to Thursday nights.  



  83. @mguy77

    Im sorry to say that I don’t think that will ever happen.

  84. The CW has announced that their crappy new show "The Beautiful Life" has been cancelled after only airing twice.  It was airing on Wednesday at 9pm, but is now the first casuality of the new tv season.–626

    Dear Dawn Ostroff,

    PUT SMALLVILLE BACK ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT!  You would have that Top Model show and Smallville which were your top 2 rated shows.  Together, they could bring the male and female audience together on one night!  Smallville season 9 looks extremely promising to this fan, don’t leave out to dry on Friday, TV’s graveyard.


  85. It almost seems like the CW wants Smallville to fail by putting it on Friday nights.

    Has Smallville now been shown on every night of the week? 

  86. Well I downloaded and finally watched the season premiere.  Don’t worry I pay for the CW but my Satellite sucks and my local channels are messed up.  I liked it but I was a little confused.  Zod looked cool but did they forget about the whole phantom zone thing and Lex being a vessel?  Was this the same Zod because they crefered to him as Major instead of General?

  87. isnt all the mettalo stuff happening to quickly?

  88. We don’t know what the storyline is yet. 

  89. I enjoyed the premiere thoroughly. Smallville is a guilty pleasure of mine. I felt the episode may have been a bit too cluttered…perhaps they should have gotten a 2 hr season premiere to flesh out some of the plot points. I am pretty excited about the direction of this season. I loved the show when Lex was the primary villian, but now that he is "gone," I feel like the show is forced to be more bold. Smallville is definitely in a universe of its own. I have a feeling that there will be a smallville movie in theatres since WB has to make a Superman movie by 2011 so as to not lose the rights. I def. think they should move the show back to weds or thurs….fri is a graveyard. I hope Pete and the Legion guest star again this season! Long Live Smallville!

  90. Networks are stupid.  They put Dollhouse and Smallville on against each other, effectively splitting their audience.  It’s fine to have shows compete, but not when they are the same demographic.

  91. @marshak75: They’re not on at the same time. SMALLVILLE is on at 8pm and DOLLHOUSE at 9pm.

    Also, television networks are not a cooperative.

  92. I would like to see it moved to Wednesday so more people live blog, I loved reading the blog as I watched the show.  Other than that Friday doesn’t bother me because I don’t any show live, hell I’ll even pause sports for 30-40 minutes and then start them so I don’t have to watch the commercials.