Smallville – S08E20 – Beast

Tonight’s episode – Beast

It looks like we’re getting closer and closer to a big Clark/Doomsday throwdown. Hopefully, I’ll get to watch last week’s episode before this one.  Not that it entirely matters because I’m going to be away for tonight’s episode too.

It bums me out, but what can I say? Thursday have been busy.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. The show really is getting towards something big. I’m getting excited.

  2. good episode. Something is wrong with chloe, she isn’t really this stupid.



  3. What is up with this tonight? NO ONE has any comments on this episode? Or is every one just waiting in line to see wolverine at midnight.

  4. Well I live in Australia and don’t get to watch shows right as they come out. I "acquire" them via other means.

  5. It was an ‘ok’ episode.  It had it’s moments.  Liked the callback to the Smallville Scarecrow of season 1.  Liked the ending.  Some of the stuff in between was filler. 

    The two final episodes this year could pack a lot of punch.  Next week we get the Injustice Gang and then the season finale is DOOMSDAY.  I can’t wait… and that’s probably why this felt so drawn out. 

  6. Yeah, a lot of shows that go to 20 plus episodes tend to have a lot of filler in the middle and then they build up to the big stuff at the end. Even BSG had that problem before season 4.

  7. They did it…they made me stop caring about Chloe.  At this point, I don’t think I’ll be watching season 9.

  8. I’m not sure who is stupider at this point, Chloe or Lana.  It reminds me of the whole Janet Pym thing.  Maybe she should get some advice from Rihanna.  I think at this point, the show is doing some really cool stuff, but Chloe was acting totally out of character last night.  Clark could’ve totally lived with himself after sending the jerk to the Phantom Zone.

  9. I haven’t liked how they’ve written Chloe all season, but at least the final conversation with Clark made the choices in Beast more tolerable. I’m glad that they didn’t go the route of Chloe actually doing it all for Davis instead of the reality of doing it all for Clark.

    I liked Oliver’s conversation with Clark at the end, talking about heroes having to make the hard choices. A great line in regards to Clark.

  10. One thing i liked, was the Oliver and Jimmy friendship they are making.