Smallville – S08E18 – Eternal

Tonight’s episode: “Eternal”

Great episode last week. It brought back the good feelings from the early part of the season before Lana came back and round the show to a halt. It looks like, starting tonight, the show is gearing up to a big Clark/Doomsday showdown at the end of the season.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Y’all are on your own tonight.  I’m going to be at County General starting at 8pm.

  2. I’m going to miss this too… damn lol.

    Well at least I know its going to be a good episode, I mean this has been one of the best seasons of smallville in a while…. I think the only other seasons where I liked almost every episode was 2 and 3. Don’t get me wrong though, I like the other seasons just as much, but there were just more episodes in 2 and 3 where I was like on the edge of my seat.

  3. And here we go.

  4. its sylar’s father!

  5. Can i get a quick recap missed the first 15.

  6. I like the full body cast.

  7. That kid hatched like Alien..

  8. this is all very very odd!  I’m not sure how I feel about this yet…

  9. He destroyed that bird… 

  10. Stare at that wheatfield Clark  Stare.

  11. thats alot of dead bodies!

  12. thats where davis buries those guys.

  13. can i get a recap of the first 15 min? anyone?

  14. i guess we can view this as a retcon of what we knew…

    retcons can be good when done right.  I’m intrigued so far.

  15. first 15 as i recall began with the opening scenes from the pilot episode and the original meteor shower, then after clark goes w/ the kents, they show an rock-like egg hatch w/ green goo that turns into Davis.  Then shows Tess reading that book.  cut to davis cooking dinner for chloe where they share a moment and clark busts in and davis leaves.  sorry for the run on sentences. clark lectures her about being w/ him and being suspicious.  and clark went to tess about all the missing bodies for a story and she said he didnt have proof…

  16. Kryptonite hurts Doomsday?

  17. He’s going to try to kill himself with that kryptonite

  18. @Superyan  Thanks

  19. Tess Mercer put together in one season what took Lex 6.  Haha


  21. Where is Jimmy?

  22. @ragu73 – he left chloe cuz she "never trusted" him

  23. @superyan  I know but where is he like chillin around?

  24. @ragu73 – i dunno, but he quit the planet too

  25. @superyan  Oh ok.  

  26. Kryptonite infused Doomsday?

  27. wow chole might die


  28. I thought he was only drawn to Chloe because of brainiac

  29. Ugh… well, Kryptonite isn’t going to hurt him anymore..

  30. hmmmmmmm… did i blink?  so did she lock herself in there with him?

  31. I gotta say, this was a pretty good one.  I didn’t enjoy it as much as last week, but the tone difference was night and day.  Tonight’s was reaalllly dark.  I am glad that they’ll be focusing more on the Clark/Doomsday showdown, but then we see the preview for the next episode.  Could be fun… Lois as a superhero, but coming off tonight’s episode, the shows feeling schizo..  Just when it heats up, we go back to a lite episode.. I like both, dont get me wrong, but as the season comes to a close, they seem to always break up the action. 

    Grade: 3.5 out 5  Almost a 4, but no Lois is always a bummer.  I did like how they cut the old footage w/ the new storyline rather seemlessly.  Well done! 

    Is it April 26th yet??? 

  32. As I watched the Kryptonite shower scene I could only think of one thing – Davis fell to the floor of the cage, putting his hand to the glass and Chloe kneeled down from the other side. 
    "Chloe, I have been… and shall always be.. your friend.  Live long.. and prosper."


  33. @Superyan: I think your right it’ll be like that Superman/Batman comic that had a Krypto-infused Doomsday.  I can’t wait for them to throw down.

  34. "Like keeping a bat to chase away predators"  Laughed pretty good at that line.

    I think that we have seen the last of Chloe after this season.  It was hinted at in ‘Legion’ and now, whether she sides with Doomsday or is playing him to turn against him later, she is gonna get the axe. 

  35. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    @misterJ- allison mack is signed on for season 9 so she’ll probably live. 

  36. @cap

    Thanks for the good news.  Mack has turned into a good actress and she would have been missed.