Smallville – S08E16 – Turbulence

Tonight’s episode: Turbulence

It looks like Mercy pulls the ol’ “Oh, no — our plane is going down, if only someone on this plane had superpowers so that we could be saved!” trick to get Clark to reveal himself. Dastardly! Will the show break its “No flights, No tights” rule? I am skeptical! Promos usually tease things people hope for but never happen. But we shall see.

I really enjoyed last week’s goofy, Silver Age style time travel adventure. It was certainly the most enjoyable episode in a while. It’s no surprise that it also featured most of the strong supporting (as well as Doomsday). This is Smallville‘s strength and they need to keep playing to it.

In other words, no more months without Lois.  Unless you are bring her back just to have Clark be a dick to her, in that case I’m fine with her staying away.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Last episode was the first one i’ve watched all the way through since season four and i really enjoyed it. I might give this one a shot

  2. should be a good one tonight ……………great article conor

  3. I actually really like this version of Doomsday.  He’s much more interesting than the mindless beast in the comics.

  4. We’re in the Clark saves the day wearing regular clothes period.  His mom needs to come back and make his costume!

  5. I think Chloe just doomed Jimmy.

  6. It really is starting to look like they are never going to put Clark in the suit.  Or maybe in this world he will slowly adopt it.  Eh, I guess they could still have him wear the suit, but he won’t be able to havethe Clark Kent identity.

  7. Jimmy is troubled!

  8. This must be a dream…

  9. @conor I’m not so sure.

  10. @drummerman1126: If it’s not, then what the F kind of hospital is that?

  11. where is this gonna go ???

  12. @conor a comic based one

  13. I think I’m going to order chinese to go along with SMALLVILLE tonight.

  14. "A man was murdered in this totally abandoned hospital with no lights or medical staff!"

  15. And that would be why it was faulty, Chloe.

  16. hahaha jimmy on morphine………doomsday’s awesome

  17. goodluck trying to kill doomsday jimmy

  18. Jimmy’s going to go on a drug addict rager.

  19. jimmys going through withrawl ………hes going crazy

  20. That was the longest elevator ever

  21. I had a few older female bosses in my time. None of them ever looked like Mercy.

  22. Wow Clark is faster than a speeding bullet of Coors Light.

  23. Jimmy the master of disguise.

  24. It continues to amuse me that this show basically did a One Year Later style jump past college and just never mentioned it.

  25. mercy is one piece of ass

  26. @jets4life242: Okay, a bit more respectful next time.

  27. When does Jimmy’s skin start to get itchy?

  28. Seriously, what kind of hospital is this? Where are the nurses? Why are the lights off in the hallways?? This has to be some kind of drug-fueled thing.

  29. Yep, this is totally not real.


  31. sorry to sound like a immature fool ……but she is a very soultry character

  32. Ha, I knew it!

  33. poor jimmy.

  34. @chelsea: I feel like Jimmy is always going to lose in life.

  35. I know, it’s sad. Let him be happy for a second.

  36. He’s like Peter Parker without super powers.

  37. Two bottles of champagne! Yikes!

  38. Fuck.

  39. That’s right Clark make it all better

  40. The last time I drank a whole bottle of champagne by myself things got… wacky.

  41. It’s always planes with Clark… always planes!

  42. i feel like were never gonna get the real superman ……..getting sick of clarks attitude

  43. fly!

  44. @jets4life242: We’re definitely not going to ever get "Superman". That’s the end of the show.  This is the journey to Superman…

    … the long journey to Superman.

    Plus, Warner Bros. movie division will never allow it.

  45. That wasn’t flying so much as falling.

  46. Damn it when will they let him fly?

  47. thats not gonna hold him, jimmy


  48. @JesTr: "No flights, no tights"

  49. @Conor: But that was before the producers changed.

  50. @JesTr: It’s still the show philosophy.  Once he starts flying, he *is* Superman, for all intents and purposes.

  51. Awh fuck, Huey Lewis was right, "that’s the power of love".

  52. @conor: damn warner bros ………still love the early adventures …………jus need to see more character development

  53. jimmy is getting the shaft

  54. Yeah she isn’t just like Lex.  Mercy is trying to find out the truth about Clark and seduce him.

  55. Also never to find happiness? Chloe.

  56. Ouch.

  57. this is heart breaking.

  58. Ouch, Chloe.

  59. Oh man, poor Chloe.

  60. Phone booth, awesome!!!

  61. I hate this song, but the telephone booth was pretty neat.

  62. Jimmy’s an addict.

    Chloe’s heartbroken.

    Clark’s a dunce.

    Mercy can’t be trusted.

    Lois is barely on the show.

  63. my wife just asked me if the red jacket makes him superman

  64. @Conor: I agree more Lois!!!

  65. Jimmy is a junkie now! Where are Green Arrow and Green Lantern?

  66. i dont think i like jimmy the addict……..poor chole i really like her

  67. Nice, next ep looks beter than this one.

  68. Next week looks good

  69. great song

  70. I liked this one.  Really good character stuff.

  71. more doomsday

  72. it was a good episode. I was hoping he would fly but oh well. 

  73. It was a good jump.

  74. Looks like next week Zatanna is going to make him fly… with magic!

  75. Awesome! 😀

  76. i liked zatanna on jlu and in SOME comics

  77. So, does everyone else think that Chloe dies at the hands of Doomsday in the season finale?  Too much setup for it to go any other way.

  78. @Crippler: I dunno, they’ve been foreshadowing Chloe’s death for years and then constantly faking us out.  They seem to really want Allison Mack on the show.  At this point, I’d be shocked if they actually killed her off.

  79. @Conor – If there was one thing that the Legion episode did for us it was this – Johns established that there is indeed no Chloe in the future.  I’m joking more then a bit of course, since we know that "Smallville continuity’ is fairly nonexistent, but, if you let something like that into an episode, you assume that the producers have SOME plan to explain it…

    Two fairly strong episodes in a row.  Once again proving that Kreuk deserves the title of Box-Office poison (formerly held by Carrot Top).  I was secretly hoping that Street Fighter would make a metric on of money, allowing her to leave the show and never return. 

  80. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, it hasn’t started here yet. stupid west coast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. I liked the episode overall, but with it being called Turbulence, and seeing the previews, I did expect more Clark stuff.  He was the B story this week.  It was good to see Jimmy though, since he hasn’t been on since the wedding episode.  I do miss Lois, but I just read that she normall is only on something like 12 episodes a year.  This year was originally supposed to be more, but it turned out she’s still only going to be in 12.  If next year is the last, they REALLY need to work in the glasses permanently now that he’s beginning the dual identity.  BUT, i’m still completely puzzled at how he can ever pull it off to be Superman and not the red blue blur.  I hope the rbb thing doesn’t continue all next season, but it probably will until he puts the suit on.

    3.5 out 5 for me.  Had Clark flown out of the plane like I was hoping, it would be 4, but I should have known not to expect it.  The trailer after this episode was a combo of the next 3 episodes… and they look AWESOME!!!

  82. @Crippler  I agree I hope Kreuk never comes back.