Smallville – S08E14 – Requiem

Tonight’s episode: Requiem

Last week, Clark and a newly powered-up Lana embraced on the roof of The Daily Planet. How will Clark sabotage himself this week? With the discovery of a Kryptonite time bomb capable of devastating all of Metropolis? As if he needed the help.

Is this it for Lana? Possibly.

Eh, at least soon we get Zatanna!

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. On the plus side, at least this episode will look better than the last one. It kind of has to, doesn’t it?

  2. Again, as whenever they implent anything from Superman lore, I wonder how Toy Man will fare tonight.


  4. Toyman is always creepy.

  5. Not sure how Oliver knew that was going to happen, but I’ll go with it…

  6. So do we think they will "kill" Lana?

  7. physisics just got violated. it is now sitting in the corner sobbing.

  8. my wife refused to watch this with me. she saw toyman on the commercial and was creeped out.

  9. side question: is there an "auto – reload" on this page or do I have to keep hitting refresh?


  10. I love not knowing what to expect this season.  I haven’t been looking at any spoilers at all and every episode has some great surprises.  Toyman!  I mean, that’s pretty cool. 

    Question – Requiem was the name of the comic that focused on the death of the Martian Manhunter.  Any chance of seeing that happen here?

  11. physics*, sorry

  12. Always with the super powered sex, these two.

  13. That’s a mood killer.

  14. haven’t we been here before? 

  15. @cable77- if you have firefox there is a add-on you can get to reload automatically

  16. "Clark, stop with the damn speeches.  Save it for the end of the episode when we are up in the barn."

  17. @cable77: You have to refresh manually.

    @Crippler: The death of J’onn J’onzz? Highly doubtful.

  18. So Ollie knows about Toyman somehow.  Lana can tell he’s lying, but not Clarkie boy.

  19. That’s not Rosenbaum.

  20. Wow, that was creepy!  And kind of a clever way to have Lex without having Lex.

  21. *sigh* I was afraid of this…doing something where it IS Lex in the show, but it’s not Rosebaum.  Hmmm…

  22. $10 bucks the nurse is a giant toy/robot.

  23. Don’t they usually put gowns on patients?

  24. Wow—I would SO get fired from Queen Industries if he looks down on bringing toys to work.  And probably for the explosives thing too.

  25. Toyman looks like Hurley from LOST.

     @Conor — they don’t put gowns on the chiseled leading men.  They would put a gown on me, however.  Probably two.

  26. Did he just steal her iPhone?

  27. Oooo…low blow pulling the "when you were Brainiac, I didn’t kill you, Chloe!" card, Clark.  Low blow.

  28. Am I crazy or is Doomsday still running around free?

  29. Toyman’s from EUREKA.

  30. I *think* this is Lana’s last episode of the season…

  31. Hmm…this might get dirty.

  32. Something tells me that’s not the first time Ollie’s woken up tied to a bed.

  33. That’s it — piss off the guy with the needles who hasn’t showered in a while when you’re handcuffed to the bed.

  34. He’s really good at playing an a-hole.

  35. 53 isn’t one of the numbers, Hurly knock off!

  36. I counted over 60.

  37. i was up to like 68

  38. You are WAY too ugly to be Mr. Queen!

  39. Do not mess with Meatloaf Chloe!!!

  40. This whole Lex/Lana thing is dangerously close to totally derailing this season.

    Which is, you know, a huge shocker.

  41. Okay — if the "lex tracker" ends up in a watch that Clark gives to Jimmy, I’m done.

  42. We’re a team, which is why you’re useless without me.

  43. Lex Vader. 

  44. Lame.

  45. Yeah, this "Lex voice" is lame.

  46. This guy doesn’t have Rosebaum’s eyes.  Lame!

  47. Is she going to turn into a Green Lantern?

  48. she is now kryptonite man

  49. Well, I guess Lex is really dead now.

  50. I would rather them not have addressed Lex at all.  They were doing fine without him.

  51. Yeah they really should have left well enough alone.  It’s almost like they are afraid of a Lex-free paradigm.

  52. Lex isn’t really dead.

  53. Oooo…Chloe, low blow playing the "it was Brainiac, not me" card.  Low blow.

  54. Not sure I get the thing with Ollie and the kryptonite ring.

  55. And she’s gone again!

  56. No way he’s not dead!

  57. This whole Lana arc was dumb.

  58. I was kidding with the "Lex is dead" thing earlier. 

  59. what no preview?

  60. Wow that ending dragged with the slow motion montage and the ending was too… felt like something out of those after school teenage dramas

  61. @conor:  My Roomy asked the same thing about no hospital gown and I don’t recall seeing Toyman in Eureka but he was in Supernatural for a couple of eps.

    I’ve really dug this season but it’s strting to get bland again.  I think that everyone thought that this was the last season and the wrters were writing accordingly.  Now we know that the show was picked up for another season so we’re back to it being lame again.  So far I’ve really liked the Red/Blue Blur and Daily Planet/Metropolis stuff.  One thing I want to see more of is Doomsday.

  62. The re-introduction of Lana has wrecked the last few episodes.  I’ll state once again that the Legion episode really felt like a season ender, and a season-ender to a really great season.  The episodes since then have been… pretty lame.  Hopefully we can get back on course and get back to dealing with Doomsday. 

    Oh, and btw.. here’s a quibble on my part regarding the episode name.  A requiem is a mass for the dead, a prayer for the soul’s salvation.  If you name an episode requiem, then someone should die.  Yes, Lex died, but there was no requiem for him! 

  63. @superchuck- about the ollie/kryptonite ring, i think their setting him up as the late 90’s "i’m always perpared with kryptonite in case superman goes evil" batman. 

  64. @Crippler: I think it was called requiem because it was the "death" of Clark and Lana’s relationship.

    @superchuck: captainamerica101 is right.  On Smallville, Ollie Queen is pretty much a stand in for Bruce Wayne.  I think they might be building towards a showdown between Clark and Ollie and that ring will certainly come in handy. 

  65. Well, that was an odd one. Can Lana PLEASE sod off!!

    Agree with Conor 100%. This season, which started so brilliantly and was like a breath of fresh air, is getting stale fast. And you can pinpoint it to an exact moment:

    Lois, Jimmy & Doomsday disappear? Stale!

    Lana & Lex brought back? Epic stale!

    Now that Lex is "dead" and Lana is "gone" hopefully we can get back on track with the fantastic steps the start of the season took. The real downside is that since they’ve now shown Lex as a burned-up, machine-bound wacko I doubt we’ll ever get Rosenbaum back. He said he might, and it’s not like the show needs Lex anymore, but if I was Rosenbaum and I saw that episode I’d be like ‘Screw that!’.

    Seriously, where is Lois??? Anyways… NEXT!

  66. @Eyun: They can totally bring Lex back in a myriad of ways, that’s not a big problem.  Neither is Rosenbaum.

    The bigger question is, should they?  I say not until the very end.

  67. @Conor – Very good point. He was always mentioned this season, and hinted at as being the unseen mastermind behind things, which worked fine. I’m just curious if the new Robo-Lex and Super-Lana was planned from the start, or a nervous afterthought from a half-season lacking 2 of it’s best known stars.

    I’m happier without them for now. Bringing them back for a series finale would be fine, depending on where the rest of the characters are at that point; I don’t want them to build Clark and Lois up again only to forget her for Lana coming back (again).