Smallville – S08E07 – Identity

Tonight’s episode – Identity

Methinks there is a fair amount of misdirection in the trailer for this week’s episode.

Will Clark’s identity be exposed after he blatantly uses his powers in front of everyone… again? Eh, it’s doubtful. I bet it will be a close call, though.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Well, here we go.

  2. Yay.  Lois and Jimmy doing what they should be doing. 

  3. Oh no!  Unshaven guy in the shadows!  Looks like trouble.

  4. Okay, again, Clark Kent is a copy boy not a reporter!!!

  5. Watch out. Super muggers..

  6. Oh no, Jimmy knows.. or does he?!


  7. swipe the film! problem solved. and on to more interesting episode.

  8. You know what was awesome?  Christopher Reeve’s catch the mugger’s bullet trick in SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE.

  9. @velvet – No film in that camera!  It’s the digital age!  I bet Jimmy’s just got a man shaped color blur.  Either way, Clark’s gonna get a lecture from Detective Martian Manhunter.

  10. Clark should feel pretty safe if he hasn’t been busted by Jimmy yet.

  11. It’s the Flash!

  12. No no – John Byrne explanation.  Vibrating face, right?

  13. Blur!  Clark should totally blame it on Impulse.

  14. Okay, I get it now.  The economy must have hit The Planet really hard and they fired everyone but Lois, Clark & Jimmy.  Now it all makes sense.  No wonder the copy boy keeps getting reporting assignments.

  15. Pimple on a poodle?  Must be a Metropolis expression. 

  16. Here comes the competition/new villain!


  17. Lois is now thinking "Clark… who?"

  18. In-BED-ed journalist.

    OOooooh.  Made Lois melt. 

  19. New catchphrase! "Why so sad?"

  20. Rugged international war reporter trumps copy boy.

    He’s fake!

  21. By the way, he totally should have said he was imbedded in Qurac and not Iraq.

  22. Costume design time? 

  23. Inspirational speech time.

  24. What will happen when Jimmy gets a faster lens? 

  25. I feel like a Spider-Man movie moment is gonna come up with Chloe drawing costume designs for clark.

  26. Clark is a wuss.  Just get a pair of glasses and stop whinging!

  27. Fun Fact – That was Phil Jimenez drawing the Spider-Man costume designs in the movie.

  28. man another week i missed the first 15 mins…

  29. Wait, he’s been promoted!

  30. Clark’s moving up in the world… I guess he graduated from Metropolis University during the commercials.

  31. Methinks thou dost protest too much Mr. Kent! 

  32. oh man look as lois….

  33. Uh oh. Sexy awkward scene.

  34. at*

  35. How can that be such a shocking moment for Clark?  Seeing the back of Lois’ bra?  Come on.. x-ray vision all the time.  Not even an accidental sneak-a-peek? 

    Oh.. and Blue Rodeo poster on the wall.  Hmm.. is it Chloe’s or Jimmy’s? 

  36. lol for a split sec i thought she couldnt zip up her dress and clark had to use his powers to zip it up LOL

  37. now he’s willing to steal!?!

  38. If I was Clark I would have taken off my shirt went Lois went to the door… acted like I was just… you know… getting dressed. Make it awkward for everyone.

  39. Okay, let’s see what Jimmy’s got…

  40. Clark should blame it all on Pete.

  41. @Conor Lol, you’re a genius.

  42. @Crippler – It’s not a shocking moment but when you like someone, it’s a really sexy moment.

  43. Well, now… how is Clark going to get out of this one?

  44. Memory-wiping kiss coming up for Jimmy in 3..2…1…….

  45. He needs a disguise, maybe some glasses, to throw Jimmy off the trail;)

  46. @Crippler – That would be FANTASTIC!

  47. "What did you do?"

    "I fried him with my heat vision. Problem solved."

  48. I think we’re going to see the time honored "someone pretending to be Superman while Clark is standing next to the person who thinks he’s Superman" gambit.

  49. CK sounds so lame…..

  50. Jimmy’s going to jump off the falls

  51. Looks like Oliver Queen could give Tony Stark a run for his money.

  52. OOOh does the Queen plane have a stripper pole like the Stark plane?

  53. I like boozy Ollie.  I bet he’s gonna pretend to be Superman for Jimmy’s benefit.

  54. Palms read, like she’s never heard that line before.. she probably won’t after this.

  55. man her psychic is accurate!

  56. And the jig is up.  His powers are quite specific!

  57. hey did anyone catch that henchmen wear a batman begins ras al guhl goon gas mask??

  58. I swear, Lois has had the worst luck with men on this show…

  59. All staged for you Jimmy! 

  60. KISS!  KISS!  KISS!

  61. Here we go… time to fake a superhero with another superhero!

  62. Lois Lane: Warrior Princess

  63. A real masked man.  First time we’ve seen that on the show I think.

  64. HAHA a domino mask

  65. HAHAHAHAHA – The look on Chloe’s face – I’m laughing out loud over here!

  66. boxing glove arrow!!!

  67. Clark is so jealous.  Red-cape envy.

  68. CGI cape!


  70. And now Clark sees that he would not be treated like a mutant, a stinkin’ mutant, if he were openly a hero in Metropolis… WHAT WILL HE DO NOW?!?

    Too bad eveyone has seen his glassesless face already…

  71. ..and it was at that moment that Clark Kent decided capes were cooler then jackets. 

  72. HAHA clark IS jealous bout the cape

  73. "Not in this lifetime"…..   oooooh ….


  74. They are have backed themselves into a corner on this show.  If they want to make Clark into Superman he is going to have to have a mask.


  76. Chloe just gave that dude the blue screen of desk!  Also, now she’s kinda evil.

  77. I really take that last Clark comment as foreshadowing. 


  78. OMG – TWO JOKERS on the Office!  HAHAHAAHH

  79. I really hope that every iFanboy just watched the beginning of the Office.  That was hilarious. 

  80. So, another great Smallville episode.  No stinkers this year. 

  81. hahaha, damn Ollie with his cape.  I’m sorry, I literally laughed out loud with that one.  This show is so silly its enjoyable.

  82. nothing like a CGI cape to show how ridicuous this show is.

  83. What a betryal from Chloe!  It should be Clark’s decision.  Why doesn’t he make it known that someone with Chloe’s powers is running around, without giving the specifics of actual identity.

  84. I liked the cape.  Slightly overly CGI, but I liked it.