Smallville – S07E11

And we’re back! Smallvillle actually came back on last week but we here at iFanboy missed it because this TV writer’s strike has thrown everything out of whack.

Last week’s episode was chock full of DCU villains with Brainiac and Bizarro and a guest appearance by Marc McClure, who played Jimmy Olsen in the Christoper Reeve films.

This week, it’s Black Canary and the return of Green Arrow!

Tonight’s episode – Siren.

Last week’s episode was rally very good, I thought. Marc McClure was great as Dax-Ur the Kryptonian scientist who wanted nothing more thana quiet life with his family and James Marsters was fantastic, as always, as Brainiac. I also thought that Tom Welling pulled off the subtle differences in Clack and Evil Clark nicely and the “not so happy ending” was very satisfying. This show benefits from the shades of gray.

Speaking of which, Lex Luthor is so satisfyingly evil, I love it. He really needs to get a move on and kill his father. I’ve been waiting for that since season one.


  1. Smallville was so good last week. One of the best, I think. It was great to see Green Arrow again and Black Canary in today’s episode. I’m ready for Clark to suit up already and become superman though. I got a feeling Lex is going to kill his father next week, but I always get that feeling and I always seem to be wrong, so who knows? I love it!

  2. I like that they went with a twist with Black Canary’s look. In the comics – short brown hair hidden with a blonde wig while Black Canary, here short blonde hair hidden by a brown wig while Dinah Lance. Costume’s dead on.

    Clark needs to man up and I’m glad that Oliver told him so. Someone needed to.

    Unlike last week, these Clark/Lana scenes make me want to find a way to knock myself unconscious.

    It might have been fun if they had brought Oliver back with a goatee. But that’s just me.

    Black Canary knocking out Lois – funny.

    Is there nothing Chloe can’t do or hack into – and instantly – with her terminal from The Daily Planet? I don’t know about anyone else, but the terminal at my office is the slowest thing known to man.

    Black Canary trying to kick Clark – funnier.

    The Lex/Green Arrow/Black Canary/Clark fight was BADass.

    Fantastic scene with Clark and Lois.

    I still can’t believe I’m watching a live action show on a major American television network with characters casually referencing Green Arrow, Black Canary and Brainiac. And it’s treated seriously and with respect. I’m giddy.

    So now the JLA is Green Arrow, Aquaman, Impluse, Cyborg and Black Canary…

    I really, really liked this episode. A lot. Except for the Clark/Lana stuff. Put. Us. Out. Of. Our. Misery. At the very least they need to show a few more sparks between Clask and Lois. They had them for a while a few seasons ago.

  3. I got a feeling Lex is going to kill his father next week, but I always get that feeling and I always seem to be wrong, so who knows? I love it!

    I have nothing at all to back this up, but I really get the feeling that they had planned on having Lex kill his father early on in the series but John Glover was rocking everyone’s socks that they couldn’t bare to lose him.

    That’s my completely unsupported theory, anyway.

  4. I loved the fight scene with Lex,Green Arrow,Black Canary,and Clark a lot too, and when Clark is torn (not for long) over saving Lex or Black Canary, so good. John Glover definitely rocks my socks too. He is a great actor, but Lex really needs to take that next step and kill him.

  5. This is show is really sounding good. It’s been a couple year since I watched, I might have to get back onboard with it.

    I’ll TIVO it so I can fast forward through the Clark/Lana scenes.

  6. This is show is really sounding good. It’s been a couple year since I watched, I might have to get back onboard with it.

    If you can, I would start with last season, when they really introduced the other heroes from the DCU in a big way.

  7. Hell yeah!!! I keep waiting for this incredible season to jump the shark, but the quality remains consistently solid. Just my opinion, but for me this has been the strongest season of all.

    Black Canary was awesome; the costume, the attitude, and it idin’t hurt that she was H-O-T!!! Great to see Oliver back, and Lex was pretty terrifying (Rosenbaum’s always cool, but he seems to have completely shaken off his trying-to-appear-nice facade and is now just giving in to his dark side).

    Amazing fight sequences, and frankly better effects than we have a right to expect from a TV show. Actually, that goes for the acting too. It’s nice to see these guys treat the material with respect and go for really emotional beats, instead of just phoning it in for the paycheque.

    Only downside for me is what Conor was saying about Clark and Lana (especially Lana). She had a really interesting character arc this year, and I remember us all saying here that it was to actually be invested in her role for once. So it’s a shame to see it start to revert back to the doe-eyed sentimentalism that used to plague the show. Get on with it and off her – it’ll give Clark motivation to move on and take the next step.

    Marcus, definitely jump on board! This season has been spectacular, but Conor’s right in that, if you can, last season is the best place to start as it starts a lot of threads that are still going on now.

    All in all, great episode and continuing an amazing season. Ahh, Smallville, how I’ve missed thee!

    PS: The “Yellow Raven” line was awesome!

  8. Whats up with Black Canary. She looks like the replicant from Blade Runner.

  9. Damnit, I missed the comeback. Well. I guess there’s next week. Siiiiiigh.

  10. I thought this episode was OK, not great though. It was cool to see Black Canary but it felt a little forced. I love the Green Arrow character (who I expected I would hate) and can we please see a young Bruce Wayne????!!!!!

  11. It sucks that we’ll never see Bruce Wayne.

  12. Thought it was great. I still love

  13. Yeah, I read that too, the creators saying we’ll catagorically never see Bruce Wayne in Smallville. How many characters does that extend to, the rights issue? Does it cover people like Dick Grayson, Diana Prince? I heard rumours about Hal Jordan though… probably just talk but you never know…

  14. I gotta say–I have been loving Smallville for the past two seasons.  I was actually thinking that the girl who plays Lois (I know, I should look it up but I am lazy right now) would have been a great Black Canary—I would have loved a long blonde haired version, but I thought this girl was pretty solid.  this week’s episode looks fairly lame but whatever….so…really?  never gonna see Bruce?  Hal Jordan would be we know if this is the last season? It just seems to be getting better and better.  Forgive the long paragraph, but I am not sure if the comments are working properly or not…again, congrats, guys, the site is dope… 

  15. Bruce Wayne was deemed off-limits by Warnre Bros.; alledgedly for fear that the general public would get too mixed up between too many young Bruces on television and on film.  Not that people had a problem with too many Clarks.  Sigh.

    This is Michael Rosenbaum’s final season and everyone is just assuming that the show will end too. 

    Erica Durance is Lois.  I remember almost nothing from high school french but I can rattle off tidbits like that.