Smallville – S06E20 – Noir

Tonight’s episode: “Noir.”

We get all black and white this week as Smallville takes a trip back in time when Jimmy Olsen imagines everyone as characters from a 1940s noir film.

This discussion thread gets less and less activity every week. I wonder if that is indicative of anything…


  1. yeah I think people are stopping to watch,but the trailer and the premise look awsome, I’m definitly going to catch this

  2. Holy crap. So far this episode has been so awesome. I thought that it was just going to be a lame film noir attempt with a black and white filter, but damn. They’ve got a lot of noir aspects down. Very authentic.

  3. i loved the dialouge

  4. Yes, this thread is getting smaller and smaller…and at Season 6, Episode 20, that is not a healthy sign. What do you do when you have a threadbare story that you are trying to stretch out for as long as possible, losing budget, losing actors, losing ideas…

    Why not rip off Roswell and other shows and do a Noir Show! The Roswell Noir show was very good. Lots of shows do Noir shows! (but rarely so close to the season finale). The Smallville episode had every opportunity to use elements of Golden Age Superman, instead we got a cheap B detective movie, Lana Lang, Spider Lady, yeah right.

    I couldn’t figure out why until the end, because the season’s storyline didnt really need it — if they had been marginally more creative, they could have had Martian Manhunter come back and create a “mindscape” for Jimmy to solve the puzzle or do something to manipulate events. But that gives the writers too much credit, and who knows? Maybe the Martian Manhunter actor is now too expensive for Smallville. Don’t scoff at that — when a TV show in 2007 is reduced to using stock footage like Ed Wood in an episode, you know the budget is suffering.

    The reason for the big Noir episode? Because Shawn Ashmore is saying goodbye to the show, apparently, and they wanted to give him a big send off. A minor character they brought in to glitz up the show THIS season is taking off (seeing that the ship is sinking) and they waste their time in B&W land with nothing at all to do with the actual “Season Finale” they are building up to (?) in a couple of weeks. It seems like 1/2 of the past episodes of Smallville have been a big waste of time.

    I have been a long time fan of this show. A really big fan. I think the producers need to sit down in a room, and have a serious talk about whether its better to die a quick, glorious death, or a slow, painful, and agonizing one.

    The beginning of this season showed such promise until Episode 9 then 11. (10 was a waste of time).

    Time to pull the trigger and put this horse out it’s misery.

  5. The reason for the big Noir episode? Because Shawn Ashmore is saying goodbye to the show, apparently, and they wanted to give him a big send off.

    It’s actually Aaron Ashmore. Shawn was Iceman.

  6. I loved this episode so much, not only was the noir bit really fun, but it had Jimmy Olsen being Jimmy, so sad he’s leaving though

  7. Wally- I don’t know if Smallville is loosing ratings and that is how you mean it is “sinking,” but I disagree with you if you mean that the characters are getting tired and plots are getting boring. At the beginning of the season I was saying the same things you are, but not now. This show is hot now. I have been dreading Lex’s eventual switch over to villainy, but when he plays that role it has always been really well done. Not at all forced or hoaky. Clark finally embracing his powers and deciding to make use of them for some greater good. Very cool, but I do wish Pa was around to see it. Holy crap they made me give a damn about Lana. Not only that they switched it around so she is protecting Clark. It is a damn shame this show hasn’t been this good for the past couple of years. We could have had some great stories.

  8. “It’s actually Aaron Ashmore. Shawn was Iceman.”

    Oh those darn Ashmore twins…

    I know the one that was Bobby is the one that is (was) dating the girl who played Dawn on Buffy (don’t ask me her real name — she screwed Keith on Six Feet Under) and the other was Veronica Mars’ boyfriend, that’s the one who is (was) Jimmy Olsen (confused yet? I am) … but I kind of doubt we’ll be seeing either twin on Smallville, even though I like both lots.

    Let me be clear about what I think about this show — I am a long time fan, and I think 1/2 of the staff of this show is turning out good stuff, the other 1/2 is turning out crap, the studio is obviously cutting the budget. It is getting really painfully evident in the production values of the shows, the shrinking number and repetition of what sets they use, and how they keep rotating which actor appears on which show.

    To me, it seems like the executive producers need to either fight for their show, or quit the whole thing, or hand it off to someone else. But instead, they just let the thing muddle along and don’t seem to be taking much of a strong lead.

    I just want the producers and the studio to do this — make a decision. Either fully fund the show and hire top notch talent to run the show and turn out excellent episodes as they did at the beginning of this season, or dump just enough in to make a few great episodes to go out on a high note.

    But muddling around in the middle with budget cuts, change in network, meandering subplots…without having the balls to either be all in or all out, this is what I don’t like. This show deserves more, is all I’m saying. All in, or all out, this is not some little dinky super guy here, this is Clark Kent. This is how the Superman franchise has always been ruined in many media — people hanging on to mediocrity when they should either be shooting for better or just letting go.

  9. I think I agree with most of what your wrote, but I think it does damn good dispite being bounced from one bad network to another. The plots are stronger now than they have been for the past two years. I don’t pay attention to production. I am more of a character and plot guy. The stories are good and that is enough for me to enjoy the show. I realize that people keep saying this show has only one more year of life in it, but I will tune in as long as it this good. Whether that be one year or six more.

  10. “I realize that people keep saying this show has only one more year of life in it, but I will tune in as long as it this good.”

    Hey, look at me, I whine but I’ve seen every episode since Season 1 Episode 1, and I’ll keep watching. I think Kristen Kreuk has done a bit better in the past few episodes, but everytime that show veers in Lex and Lionel’s direction, those two actors, Rosenbaum and Glover, seem to pull it out a ditch. Kreuk’s probably picked something up from being in so many scenes with the two of them so much. The actress who plays Chloe said that about Glover, as has Rosenbaum who was great the first day he arrived on the set.

    Rosenbaum and Glover can pretty much act any turkey into gold, but they are going to need some fresh lines pretty soon. There is only so long everyone can keep repeating the same lines and keep everything fresh. If Steven Deknight, who is probably responsible for much of the revival this year ditches the show, we’re in trouble.