“Smallville: Absolute Justice” Canadian Trailer Has More Action


Thanks to our brothers and sisters up north we finally get to see some of the Justice Society in action in this Canadian trailer for the upcoming two-hour Smallville event.

I am more excited with very new bit of footage we have seen so far. I am a bit sucpicious, however, about some of the stuff in the trailers that we've seen. We all know that trailers are designed to entice and they don't always show us what's really going on in the episode. To wit, they keep showing that close-up shot of someone wearing the Green Lantern ring and it would be just like a trailer to trick us into thinking that Green Lantern is in the show, and not just someone else wearing the ring. For right now, the only visually confirmed characters in the episode are:

Clark Kent
Green Arrow
J'onn J'onzz, The Martian Manhunter
Dr. Fate
Star Girl

From what we have seen, I'm thinking that this is going to be fantastic.

Smallville: Absolute Justice airs in the United States on Friday, February 5th at 8pm EST/7pm CST.


  1. Hmm… That shot of the Green Lantern ring definitely looks like a flashback. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s all we see of Alan Scott. His costume is really, really unfilmable after all.

  2. This will be fantastic is a "so horrible it’s awesome" kind of way.

  3. This is the first bit of footage that makes me think this could be cool.

    Hawkman is still ridiculous though. And why is J’on Jonz dressed up like the Joker?

  4. @ottobott i think with J’onn they tried to make his costume but in human clothing, and yes it kind of makes him look like the joker.

  5. Looks undeniably ‘porno’ cheap.

  6. I liked Hawkman turning torwards the camera and the wings are moving. The melodramatic line "Let’s go hunting" is a bit much, but it’s Smallville, so you have to deal with that sort of thing at times. (It’s the dialog version of putting a comic book costume on a real person and realizing how silly it looks in real life. So at times you just have to ignore it.)

    I do admit feeling a thrill seeing comic book characters come to life in this sort of way. It really reminds me of being a kid again.

    Of course there is always that let down when it just doesn’t live up to what you were hoping, but that’s when my rational adult-side can take over. 

  7. this looks so F’in AWESOME! this is def. a MUST SEE!

  8. Hey, who’s the dude with the ice stick? Anyone know?

  9. Silly Conor. Everything from canada has more action

  10.  i want every one to read what im about to say


    clears throat

     this two hour event ( which may suck ) however will be far superior to any DC live action (television) adaption. im reffering to the horrrrrrrible justice league movie that came out in 1997( if you dont know what i am talking about google it or email me i will give it to you (mediatedpodcast@gmail.com) o m g i cant wait


    an to all those who thinks its going to suck trust me when i say there has been worse

  11. @BrainBaer: I think you are right about the GL flashback.  Look closely at the trailer.  The Flash of the GL ring looks like a filmstrip.

    I’m psyched for this episode, Johns wrote a great Legion episode and this should be good as well.  I do think some of the costumes look campy but it’s not a big deal.  I can’t wait to pick out all the comic references when I see it.  I would love to see Magog appear as a villain.

  12. I think that The Canadian Trailer is ten times better then The US one is! I enjoyed the look of all of the characters with the exception of Martian Manhunter’s costume they should have just stuck with his appearence as is on the show since he don’t have his powers anymore. Geoff Johns plus The JSA plus Smallville equals the Best Friday Night ever for this Comic book fan! I think The JSA is one of the coolest and best groups in all of comics and Geoff Johns 26 issuse run on The Justice Society Of America was one of the best Comic Book runs that I’ve read in a long time. My favorite character on this iteration of the team was Starman. I enjoyed his crazyiness.

  13. @jla1. His JSA run before that (almost the entire series) was no slouch either. I hope we get some deluxe hardcover treatments of JSA someday soon.

  14. I never thought I’d see this stuff on tv.  Never.  Ever.  I can’t wait.