Small Press Idol – Round 4

We’ve told you about the Small Press Idol contest before, but those of you that haven’t heard,  it’s a really neat contest where through a series of rounds, creators submit their pitches, characters, stories and ultimately comics to the public to vote on and see who comes out as the winner. It’s these sort of creative challenges that can make comics so much fun. Creators working to show their talent and their creations and the fans are involved to help decide which comic makes it all the way through. You never know, the next Jonathan Hickman or Jason Aaron may come out of a contest like this, so it’s always worth keeping an eye on.

Of the three comics remaining, The Adventures of Spud by Jeff Fox and Mark Oakley is officially endorsed by iFanboy as our pick for this contest and we encourage the iFanbase to get out and vote for it! You can place your vote on the contest site here.


  1. Thanks Ron! Mark and I really appreciate the endoresement and any help the iFanboy community can provide in helping us to pull out a last minute win in the contest. It’s been a long hard road, and we’re in the last legs, so this is huge for us in getting the word out. I encourage everyone tpo take a look at the story. I’m sure you’ll find it an fun and enjoyable read.

    Thanks for any and all support!

    Jeff Fox 

  2. This looks all kinds of awesome, right up my alley, and I really want to support it. It seems the only way to vote is to order a copy, which I definitely want to do, except I just can’t afford to until payday next week. Is there a cut-off point for voting?

  3. Unfortunately, the voting cutoff is tomorrow, Aug 1st at 11:59pm. But. even if you can’t purchase before the voting deadline, we will appreciate the support afterward aswell. Thanks evun!

  4. Damn, sorry Jeff! I’m definitely getting a copy though, and wish you guys good luck with it! 🙂

  5. No problem, man. Some nice post-Idol sales will likely help to confort us even if we don’t win. 🙂