Show Us Your Halloween Costume 2010! MAY-HEM!

It's that time of year again…the time of year where pumpkins get smashed, apples get bobbed, candy flows like water and trick-or-treaters put in the extra effort to make sure their costumes look AWESOME-R!

For the older crowd – pumpkins might still be smashed…and your co-workers might also be smashed. I guess it depends on how seriously your company takes the annual Halloween Party.

Regardless of how your company treats this holiday – over here at iFanboy we love it. (Well, most of us. Not Ron or Josh.) And to celebrate we want to share YOUR costumes. (They don't even have to be comic book themed!)

That's right – you put in the effort and you want to make sure everybody sees the awesomeness and we want to help. Email your costume pictures to me with COSTUME as the subject by Wednesday, November 3rd at 11pm EST – and I'll get them posted. Please include your iFanboy username so we can let everybody know who you are and let me know what your costume is – in case it's not crystal clear. Also – we cannot post inappropriate pictures…sorry. I mean, you can send them and I'll gladly share them with the rest of the staff…

There are no prizes – other than the pride of showing off your hard work and the adulation you might receive in the comments. 

Don't have a costume and need an idea? Might I suggest…

(Thanks to Drake Dangerz for the heads up)

Check out the iFanbase Halloween costumes of years past!



We look forward to seeing what you've got going on this year!


  1. I’m planning on dressing as GOB from Arrested Development.
    “Now, when you do this without getting punched in the chest, you’ll have more fun.”

  2. That Mayhem costume cannot be real…

    I’ll be sending in my pic this year because the wife and I are making an actual effort with our costume, and it just so happens that it will be comic book themed!  Booyah!

  3. Honestly I’ll probably stay in and watch THE WALKING DEAD. I don’t want to spend the money or time to dress up this year.

  4. The lady and I are freaking out because we still haven’t picked a costume yet. We may have to give in and just go buy Mayhem outfits.


  5. Mayhem indeed…

  6. MAY-HEM!

  7. I may recycle last years’ Universal Monster costume, still haven’t decided yet.

  8. I’m going as Abe Lincoln. I’ve got the beard, I’ve got the top hat and I have a bow tie. Should work.

  9. Either The Spirit or Punisher for me. Leaning to Punisher though since I already have the gear for it.

  10. im going to be ron,, a short ron

  11. Staying in to watch Walking Dead, but dressing up on Friday for work.  I just bought my Vegan Police t-shirt: Now all I need is those big fat kukui nut beads. LOL!

  12. Not sure what I going as this year either, may use my Sora from Kingdom Hearts from last year but kind of what to do something different. 

    Thinking about Green Lantern but not sure

  13. I’ve got a "Business World" Spider-Man costume I’m working on. Basically, I don’t have the physique to pull off Spidey, so I figure "What if Peter realized that he had to join the private sector in order to pay all of his bills and exorbitant web fluid ingredient costs?" I’ve got the mask, making some gloves, and the rest is a blue dress shirt, red tie (with a spider tie-pin) and slacks. Plus, I’m gonna make a Venom symbiote briefcase.

    In the past I’ve done Mario and last year my friends and I were the Ninja Turtles (I was Donatello).

  14. I’m dressing up as Hipster Josh this year.

  15. Still trying to figure out my Halloween costume, but I’m thinking MAY-HEM!, drunk Thomas Jane and middle management Red Skull are strong frontrunners. At least until my wife finds out…

    Filip Sablik 

  16. @stuc won’t the hawk throw the look off a little?;)

  17. I jate Halloween. My mother always told me not to take candy from strangers. 

  18. I’m going as Alabama from True Romance this year. Funnily enough I’m having trouble finding some pink leopard print leggings for it though.

  19. I’m going as either a Dapper Man, or a low rent Chewbacca

  20. I am gonna stick with something easy for Halloween this year that I already have the outfit for. That would be…broke parent.


  21. On second thought I’m going to go as this guy this year: gonna need a suit, boombox & tape for my eyelids though.

  22. our LCS is having a Halloween party on the 29th.  My wife (god bless her) is going as Sin and I am going as Crossbones.

    As soon as I have finished pics of both they will be emailed your way!


  23. I am let my kid pick my coustume this year…..

    I gave the her the muppet comics this year because they are awesome

    Now I need to find a  Miss Piggie Costume Snow White Costume…… 

  24. I really wanted to be Old Gregg, but I don’t think I’ll have time to get it together.

  25. @neums – I did workplace Spiderman a few years ago. Don’t forget the “hi my name is” tag

  26. @kennyg Do you love me?…..Do you ever think you could love me?………IM OLD GREGG!!!!!

  27. @vadamowens-The ‘hawk has been gone since father’s day. I shaved it. Now I’m growing it to GOB length for the costume.

  28. Lab coat, tie, hastily photoshopped Central City PD ID badge, and one Flash ring later, I’ll be Barry Allen this year.

    I can guarantee no one I know will get it. But oh well.

  29. Doctor Who(Matt Smith), dunno if I got a picture of it though. If i do I’ll send it in.

  30. Just sent in my pics and the pics of my wife and kids (assuming that’s OK).  My GOB costume didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped.  This was a VERY busy week.

  31. Are the costumes going to be shown here?

  32. @ericmci: On iFanboy? Yes. On this page? No.