Should have never run over that old gypsy… Podcast #19 delayed!

A confluence of events led to the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast #18 being a week late, our first late podcast since we started broadcasting. This time, everything went smoothly and episode 19 was recorded on time and without incident. We were hopeful that this meant that things were back on track.

And then came the popping noise, the smell of smoke/burnt plastic and the completely dead computer on which the podcast is saved.

Looks like we are going to have to delay iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast #19 now too. Believe that as frustrating as this might be for the fans of the show, it’s at least 100x more frustrating for us.

Stupid gypsy curses.


  1. I must have angered some God, because my computer, normally held together by chewing gum and twine has decided to quit on me. I’m taking it in today, because it is beyond my meager skills. But as Conor said, it ain’t good. So, I’m very sorry, and very frustrated. Thanks for your patience.

  2. Do you know what is good at lifting Gypsy Curses? Unicorn droppings, but you will have to call Leprechaun tech support about using that stuff with your computer.

  3. Well, today, I just bought a new computer. To hell with the homebuilt system. I give up. And I was going to buy a new snowboard with that money! Dammit!

  4. Does that mean you’re gonna have to spend a whole other hour talking about comics again?

    talk about that kiddie porn spammer on that image changes it’s image thread. I stupidly clicked on that.

  5. Computers – can’t live with ’em, can’t ever to get to work for you when you really need it.

    God forbid we spend ANOTHER hour talking about comics, again…tough lives we lead, huh?

  6. You know, my computer isn’t only used for comics discussion. It’s just the only part of my computer use which affects anyone else.

    Also, porn sites are losing money hand over fist while my machine is down.

    (should have kept quiet on that hunh?)

  7. Also, porn sites are losing money hand over fist while my machine is down.

    ….Who PAYS for porn on the internet?

    Also, how did your computer break? Did it explode in a hellfire of computer radiation which had no choice but to endow you with superpowers?

  8. josh, you KNOW that the comics discussion should be your priority here.

  9. I figure all those free sites must make money somehow, and my clicks must have something to do with it.

    And yes, comics discussion is very very important. Thankfully, it’s wednesday!

  10. Get a mac…… ;-P

  11. I have an old iBook, and my wife has a G4 Powerbook. They all serve a purpose, but they can’t quite replace the PC yet.

  12. this killed me. Penny Arcade have hated macs for a long time.

  13. they can’t quite replace the PC yet.

    Oh yes they can. I can do anything with my iMac G5 (and better) that can be done with a PC. I make presentations and documents and many other things and then send them to a PC with no problem. They are also miles ahead when it comes to AV (like making podcasts). BUT, to each his own. Gob bless you anyway and I will always listen to your show. Thanks for the Image plug. I’m hooked. (Was that you or one of your compatriots?)

  14. Oh yes they can. I can do anything with my iMac G5 (and better) that can be done with a PC.

    Except cheaply replace and upgrade models.

  15. It’s important that you know that 2/3 of iFanboy are pretty anti-mac.

  16. Computer’s up and running. Jury duty this whole week has set me behind, and I have to write this weeks POW very soon. Then I’ll edit the great lost ep 19 POWcast as soon as I can. Hopefully by the end of the weekend.

    Thanks for everyone’s patience.

  17. Are we going to have to buy the special edition DVD of iFanboy to see the lost Episode #19?

  18. Would that it were that good. I feel as if expectations have outgrown the potential quality. But thanks for reminding me I’ve got to do this. Expect to see it next week.