Shia LaBeouf as Yorick in ‘Y: The Last Man’?

I fully admit that this is an unfounded rumor, but Shia LaBeouf has expressed some interest in playing everyone’s favorite last man, Yorick Brown.

This is in no way a done deal, not even close, but it did get me thinking, and it’s not a bad match, for several reasons.

I have a slight soft spot in my heart for LaBeouf, ever since I met him on the second Project Greenlight. The kid is a heck of an actor at times, and I think he’s quirky enough to get away with playing Yorick. Furthermore, I think he could bring in a bigger audience just by being in this movie. And I’d like to see it be successful, mostly because we like Brian K. Vaughan, and would like to see him make more money.

This is also a good sign that the script and story is making the rounds in Hollywood, and he more buzz it has, the more chance it’ll actually get made.

Power move by LaBeouf!


  1. that’s cool. everyone tells me i look like him. I also heard that Daniel Craig has showed a lot of interest in playing Rorchach in The Watchmen. That would be cool. He can do anything well.

  2. I think Daniel Craig is both too good looking, and too large to be Rorschach. Because one thing that Rorschach is not is James Bond. Then again, he’s a very good actor.

  3. I could definitely see Lebeouf as Yorick, but I will throw in another name out there:

    Ryan Reynolds

    He has the look of Yorick and I bet he could pull off Yorick’s smart-ass quips. Plus, he’s hunky. (I am man enough to admit this.)

  4. Ryan Reynolds maybe 7-8 years back. I think he’s too old now. But hey, I’ll give you hunky. Granted, I don’t think Yorick is supposed to be all that jacked.

  5. Ryan Reynolds (6-7 years younger) would be a great Flash. And since I am told i look like Shia and i played Mozart in my 4th grade play, maybe i can play Yorick?

  6. hey josh, are you going to be at darktower tonight?

  7. Shia’s a good choice. Having trouble thinking of a stronger alternative. If anybody has any trouble taking him seriously, check out “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.” He’s got the chops.

  8. My friend and I were have this conversation just the other day. I couldn’t think of anyone. However, I am all for Shia LaBeouf.

  9. Yes I’ll be at Dark Tower tonight, and stay on topic you!


  10. Man, that kid is everywhere! But I do think he’s a good choice. The fact that he’s a fan of the comic is a big plus, too. If it’ll get the movie made faster, I am all for it.

  11. I think Daniel Craig is both too good looking

    Wow, given the controversy surrounding Craig’s hiring as Bond, I never thought I’d hear someone saying that. 🙂

  12. How ‘ bout balthazar getty?

  13. I could also see Adam Brody as Yorrick, but maybe that’s just because the voices of Seth Cohen and Yorrick Brown were always similar in my head.

  14. Curses! That was the role I was meant to play.

  15. Shia’s a good choice. Having trouble thinking of a stronger alternative. If anybody has any trouble taking him seriously, check out “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.” He’s got the chops.

    Yes he was great in that movie!!!!

    I don’t know if I see him as Yorik though I don’t know why but I think Ryan Gosling woukld be a better choice.

  16. O and Ryan Renolds would definately be a my choice for Flash, Benicio deltoro for Rorsarch? I don’t know Rorsarch is a tough one.

  17. I don’t think Ryan Gosling’a wide-eyed enough to be Yorick. He’s one of my favorite actors, but I don’t think he could pull off the comedy.

    Shia and Adam Brody are both good choices I think.

  18. Were did this Ryan Gosling and Ryan Renolds stuff come from? My friend mentioned them too. I’m a bit out of touch. Were they mentioned on the net somewhere?

    Anyway, it seems to me that Yorick is more the “guy next door”. Ryan Gosling and the other Ryan don’t seem that way too me at all. That’s my argument.

  19. The Ryan’s are not contenders. Someone brought up Gosling as a possible Yorick. Reynolds was suggested for the part as well, but more of us agree that he’d be an ideal Flash instead.

  20. I think that Adam Brody should be Yorick. His character on The OC was practically Yorick already AND he is a comic book fan.

  21. Ya I said that I would like Ryan Gosling as Yorick.

  22. For the rest of my life, I’m unable to hear that name without hearing, “I LOVE THESE CUPCAKES LIKE MCADAMS LOVES GOSLING!”

  23. ???? What ?????

  24. God I love Andy Samberg and everything he has ever done (pre and post SNL).

    Anyway, I have no problem beleiving LaBeouf could do the role, but I do have a hard time seeing him in it. Maybe it’s the hair, or maybe his age.

    Ryan Reynolds is to “hunky”. Ryan Gosling could be amazing, but you’re right he doesn’t have any comedy under his belt. Someone that talented surely COULD do it, but does he WANT to?

    Wait wait I’ve got it… prepare to have your mind blown.

    Jon Heder.

  25. Jon Heder.



  26. Jon Heder? Ugh……. you

  27. I wasn

  28. Yeah with a crazy shaped head.