SDCC – Friday morning dispatch

Hi guys-

So, I don't have a lot of time–like every year, I am running about 20 minutes late to just about everything, but I just wanted to give you an update as to what has been up so far:

– iFanboy party was a great success—super fun, best venue so far, and it was great to see everyone. Unfortunately, I was really late for the party because the place where we ate literally took an hour to get us our food so I ended up miss most of the Diggnation taping, but from the size of the crowd, it looked like a great time. Josh, Conor and Ron apparently killed it on stage and I was bummed to miss them doing their thing.  I will feel this crushing guilt for years.

– It's all Scott Pilgrim all the time–everyone seems to have a copy of book six here. It's kind of awesome to see this book doing so well.

– I tweeted a bit, but some big news that I heard about live includes:

– Whedon directing Avengers

– Ultimate Thor day/date with Digital and print

– Helen Mirren is rad

– I asked a question about Marvel digital comics and they were really talking not about digital comics as the future but more like, "Retailers really DO like them 'cuz they drive traffic to the stores–isn't that cool??" — which I was kind of annoyed about, but I guess it makes sense. I will write more about this later, but I found the whole thing a bit wishy-washy.

– Last night was great, the Hyatt was not as crowded as normal but still seems to be the place to hang out at the end of the night. The 1:30AM last call is, as always, crushingly inconvenient.

All right–I gotta run, I have a noon panel that I have to go to and then there's a bunch of Grant Morrisson stuff.  I will tweet stuff out the rest of the day.


  1. Thank you for this update.  I would have loved to attend that Rev3 live taping.

    I agree completely with your assessment of Marvel’s Digital Comics statement. 

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I enjoyed your tweets about Marvel’s "views" on digital comics.

  3. Personal experience. I subscribed to Crossgen Online when they had their online digital distribution. I loved it, I loved a lot of the books. The only ones I ever bought were Ruse. So…draw of that what you will. I think the LCS will be around for awhile, as do I think the bookstore and the video rental store. I do think that none of them will exist in 30 years though. If you want a book to hold, you’ll order it directly from Manufacturer in a trade format or hardcover format.

    Discs, paperbacks and single issue comics I think are on a death watch. It will be a while though. The generation now that has the purchasing power are keeping these things alive out of habit, nostalgia or waiting for the tech to be ubiquitous and therefore cheap.

    my theory. 

  4. 1:30 last call??  That’s ridiculous

  5. 1:30??? that’s plain old unamerican

  6. Mike Romo man about town.