SDCC 2012: Alan Robert’s KILLOGY Stars Some Familiar Faces, Including One That Wants You to Go Get Your Shinebox

This weekend in San Diego, IDW Publishing announced a new original comic from Crawl to Me writer Alan Robert. Despite the fact that this is a whole new property, you may recognize the three stars of Killogy. That’s because they’re directly inspired by three real people.

Any familiar faces? Well, let’s break it down.


Heroes and Friday Night Lights star Brea Grant also writes comics. This weekend, she and her brother Zane announced their new book Let’s Play God, also from IDW.


Marky Ramone made music with his brothers from other mothers. You may have heard of them. If you’re a No Reservations fan, you also know he can eat a whole pizza by himself.


This next one deserves video. Do I have to say NSFW if it’s Sunday? Anyways. Frank Vincent famously requested that Joe Pesci go get his shine box. Big mistake, but if he hadn’t there might not be an iFanboy. It’s hard to explain why exactly. But it’s important to the foundation of our humble online homestead. In addition of Goodfellas, Vincent has appeared in Raging Bull and The Sopranos.

So, what’s Killogy all about? Well, it’s a crime comic and these three, or their likenesses, are a pack of murderers who find themselves locked in the same jail cell. Turns out, they shake the bars a bit.

Here’s Alan Robert:

“Basing my original characters on the likenesses of Frank, Marky, and Brea has been an awesome experience because I can actually hear their voices in my head while writing their dialogue. I haven’t really seen this done before in comics and thought it might be an interesting and challenging concept to try. Much in the way that The Twilight Zone had celebrity guest stars at the center of its stories, KILLOGY throws three popular personalities into the middle of some very bizarre and horrific situations.”

It’s out on Halloween. Check out the website.


  1. Hopefully there’s a Jimmy Two Times cameo, Jimmy Two Times cameo.