SDCC 2011: Preview Art from September’s #1 Issues of Action Comics, Superman, Supergirl and Superboy

We present the Superman family tower of power, featuring previews from Action Comics #1 (Morrison, Morales), Superman #1 (Perez, Merino), Supergirl (Green Johnson, Asrar) and Superboy (Lobdell, Silva, Lean).

Digging Action Comics and Supergirl especially. 




  1. I hadn’t even considered picking up Supergirl until this moment. Those pages are excellent.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Mahmud is a rock star. As soon as I saw his name attached to the book, it skyrocketed to the top of my list. He’s gonna be great on Supergirl. 

  3. Supergirl is the only one of these that looks interesting to me in the least. Asrar is pretty great.

  4. Super excited for Asrar on Supergirl.

  5. That Supergirl page is a breath of fresh air. So many of these new 52 books are getting really generic/homogenized color treatments. It all looks the same.  

  6. This looks like I’m going to have a 100% record on quality for the DC reboot – I’m only picking up Supergirl. 

    Still, how high are her underpants cut? 

  7. These previews are the death to my budget. Hahahaha!! I just sent an email to my LCS to sign me up for Supergirl (I’m already signed up for Action Comics).

    Superman looks much, much better, but I’m still able to resist right now. And Superboy is still quite resistable.

  8. So, does Clark just go to the local t-shirt hut to get his symbol printed on it?  Did he have to lay it out in photoshop first?  Does he buy in bulk to save money?

  9. Anything Perez does, I’m in!  And what’s with the knee braces on Supergir;’s boots? She tear an ACL or something?

  10. The art in Superboy look great! Kinda has a ‘Kevin Maguire/Amanda Conner’-lite feel to it.

    That is also a pretty damn good splash page by Morales there. 

  11. @Spiffy  –I think Clark buys his Superman T shirts at Wallmart (Target when he’s in Metropolis) just like the rest of America. =)

  12. I am so psyched for Paul Bunyan / Pecos Bill Superman. Morrison is right on track.

  13. O no, am I going to buy a Supergirl comic!?  

  14. When Asrar was penciling Dynamo 5, I always thought “That is DC house style done right”. No suprises he ended up there. THoise previews all look pretty good.

  15. I believe the Superboy art is by R.B. Silva, who did most of the drawing for that Nick Spencer written Jimmy Olsen back-up in Action Comics.

  16. I love Supergirl! I’m so glad it looks like it’ll be great.

    When I first saw the costume redesign (I still prefer the classic), but the art looks fantastic, I’m hoping the writing will match.

  17. Can’t wait for Action comics!

  18. Looking forward to Supergirl. I signed up for it as soon as I saw the original solicits and googled Mahmud Asrar.

  19. Despite never reading Supergirl, I love the look of the artwork. I still don’t like the little cape Supes has got for Action Comics. Morrison is great but I’m not sure how its all going to work. Have to wait and see…

  20. Superman is my favorite character so I was most concerned about how his reboot would be handled. I will be buying all of the Superman family of books and I am willing to wait and read the stories before judging but frankly what I’ve seen and read so far is a bit discouraging and confusing. 

    The artwork above ranges from good, to interesting, to flat out bad. I love Rags Morales on Action and I’m okay with the logo tee shirt and jeans since we know it is only temporary but the short cape just looks … stupid. I am not familiar with Merino but his artwork on Superman looks good. I’m okay with his style but I’m not feeling the new costume (which I know he didn’t design). I know it’s a Kryptonian battle suit so the armor-like appearence makes sense. Even the shoulder and kee pads make sense. The collar and sleeves have a military look … okay I get that too. Artistically though the belt and the boots just don’t work. Overall the suit is very complex with a lot of detail which I think is going to be a problem. Some artists are going to draw it well and make it work (like Jim Lee) and others are going to get caught up in the details and the results will be less than stellar. As much as I love George Perez’s artwork I hate his covers on the first two issues of Superman (and it really pains me to say that). His art looks dated. I also question his writing ability. He’s never really written anything memorable. His Wonder Woman reboot in the 1980’s was uninspired. Why is he writing such an important book as Superman?

    I love the images of Supergirl above although after seventy five years Superman finally lost the red underwear and Supergirl … found them? Also the boots look silly. This is another costume that will look either very good or really awful depending on who draws it. Hopefully they will explain why she wears the “S” logo from the electric blue Superman suit rather than the El family crest that Superman wears.

    I really haven’t seen enough of Superboy’s artwork to comment one way or another. Although since he appears to wind up in a version of his current tee-shirt and jeans outfit (not really  costume) it makes more sense. This is now an homage to Superman’s original appearence as we are learning in Action comics. I like that connection.

  21. I like what I see and am enjoying the podcasts of the DC Nation panels.  Supergirl art is gorgeous, would like to see the colors a bit less washed, but no complaints thus far.