SDCC 2011: Is That Mike Romo Talking to Stan Lee at the Marvel Booth?

Just before the San Diego Comic-Con took over all of comics and the lives of my colleagues, one of them, Mike Romo, asked if you wanted to take part in his Q&A with Stan Lee. Some did, and here we have the results of that, a lively chat with Stan Lee himself at the Marvel booth on the convention floor. A lot of people talk about Stan Lee's amazing energy and enthusiasm, but never has it been matched up with our own Mike Romo, who is no slouch himself in those categories.

It turns out that Norton, of the internet security Nortons, is Mike's day job, and they were doing at promotional team up with Captain America: The First Avenger, and by extension, Stan Lee himself. All that lead to this, one short week ago:


Listen, we're big Stan Lee fans, but we love this Romo guy.


  1. Wow…..did not expect that to be Mike’s career….

    In all seriousness this is a fantastic interview Mike! Looks like you had a ton of fun. 

  2. Romo stepped on Stan’s Galactus punchline!! haha

  3. you know a lot of people have a lot of ill to say of stan, but god you cant help but love the guy!

  4. that is the best interview I’ve seen with Stan Lee

  5. Cool! Thanks for posting this 🙂

  6. So glad you guys liked the interview! it was a blast to do–believe me, I never, ever imagined myself doing this–thanks for watching!

  7. as long as it’s not tony romo…..

  8. Two legends come together!!

  9. and by the way, Josh?  *blush*

    (thanks guys!)

  10. I was so sad to miss this at the con and am now so happy to be able to watch it online! Great job, Mike!

  11. Cocaine is a hell of a drug-

    Kidding- Nice job Mike.

  12. Watching this again.

    It really feels like Mike is trying to beat Stan in the enthusiasm department. lol 

  13. Stan and Mike were both awesome!

  14. @mikeromo  Love the interview brother! Well done Mike…well done.

  15. Whoa.  This was inspiring.  I wish I had the zeel that Romo has. 

  16. Wow.  Gotta love Stan.  If he’s at the next Mega Con, I’m paying just to be able to give that man a hug. 

  17. I pray I have that much energy at his age.

  18. Mike Romo, you are amazing.

  19. I am going to tattoo these comments on my forearm so the next time I having a crappy day (I am looking at you, today), I will have these to read and put me in a fantastic mood. Thanks guys!

  20. I have a head cold that is currently sapping my energy but Mike’s enthusiam has just brightened my day. Just awesome.