SDCC 2010: You Are Cordially Invited to the Wedding of John Constantine, Hellblazer

Hellblazer John Constantine is getting married. Maybe.

Who's the (un)lucky bird? Dear, sweet Epiphany Greaves. And that's not the worst of it for Miss Greaves. See, Shade the Changing Man is punting her back in time to 1979. As for ol' John, he's got a succubus to contend with. 

Here's what writer Peter Millgan has to say about the pending nuptials. 

"What’s exciting for me about writing BLOODY CARNATIONS is that it feels a little bit transgressive. It feels like something Constantine can’t imagine himself doing. Something many of his fans can’t imagine him doing. Real people do things out of character. Real people do things they can’t imagine themselves doing. I come with a certain degree of experience in these matters, speaking as a man who has been married twice."
It all starts in Hellblazer #272, written by Milligan, and drawn by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Simon Bisley and Stefano Landini. Bisley caught the garter, so he got to do the cover. 
The chapels bells ring in October. 


  1. Looks like I finally have to start picking up hellblazer again

  2. I’m slightly afraid to ask where they are registered.

  3. John? Really Marriage? I just wanted to know if he was going to make it out of the insane asylum alright or not. This… Marriage is just too much for me. 

  4. Milligan has been doing a comendable job on HB, and will continue to entertain.

    This path is not completly outta sorts if you know your Constantine.

  5. Now, if he makes a deal with the devil…