SDCC 2010: PHOTO: Long Live Stan Lee, Prince of Asgard

UGO Entertainment posted this great image of Stan Lee at Comic Con and I couldn't not share it.

Stan Lee sits atop this understated Asgardian throne from the upcoming Thor movie. Oddly, this isn't a chair of cosmic origins. Nor is it Norse. You can actually get yours this summer from Midgard Ikea stores. Just flip to page 38 and look for the limited Excelsior edition Lycksele LÖVÅS in goldenrod.


  1. This is Stan’s why-didn’t-marvel-give-this-chair-to-me-earlier look

  2. I wonder how they’ll work his cameo into this one. Sigh.

  3. @wheelhands

    he will be driving the truck that tries to move Mijlnor, and the truck looses its back axel in the process.

  4. HA! that is most excellent!

  5. Excelsior!

  6. This just seems… right.

  7. I love it!

  8. When I get to heaven I hope this is the first thing I see.


  10. @QuayLewd – it’s when we get to Valhalla…

  11. Love the pic.  Ye mortals bow down before ye Stan the Man!  Excelsior!

  12. I came back to my computer and this link was open. made my day. thank you random Firefox glitch