SDCC 2010: Mondo Marvel Roundup: Ultimate Thor! Rocket Raccoon and Groot! And Much, Much More!

Today at its Mondo Marvel panel, Marvel Comics announced, well, a lot of cool stuff. Let's break it down with some pretty, pretty pictures. 

Loki gets his own mini starting in October, written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Sensational Spider-Man, HBO's Big Love) with art from Sebastián Fiumara (Ender's Shadow: Battle School).

Meanwhile, Marvel's really thrilled to have Buck as a new Captain America. So thrilled, that they're launching a bajillion new Cap titles this fall and winter, and they're All About Steve. 

In December, writer Ben McCool goes oldschool with Captain America & The Korvac Saga. Oh, no, not Korvacs! 


Hail this! In January, Jonathan Maberry (Doom War) pits Cap against a terrorist organization you may have heard about in Captain America: Hail Hydra. Lots of patriotic thrusting to look forward to. 


Atomic Robo's Brian Clevinger goes back to war with Captain America: The Fighting Avenger. It's like Band of Brothers but, hey, there's Cap! And probably no Ross from Friends



And since Cap doesn't already have enough on his plate, Mark Waid recalls the days just after the thaw with Captain America: Man Out of Time. Worst disguise ever!


Ultimate Comics Thor starts this October with scripts by Jonathan Hickman and art by Carlos Pacheco. So, basically, the brainiest, prettiest book on Norse mythology you could ask for. 

UPDATE: According to Mike Romo, who sat in on the Marvel Digital Panel, Ultimate Comics Thor will be released digitally, day and date with the print version. 

And here's some character sketches right out his moleskine!


Odin and Hogun


Loki and Fandrall



Heimdall and Volstagg



Then in December, there's Ultimate Doom, the conclusion to the Ultimate Enemy Trilogy by Brian Michael Bendis. Here's the wraparound cover from Brian Hitch, with the aforementioned Ultimate enemy blacked out. There are only about twelve people left in the Ultimate universe, so it shouldn't be too hard to narrow it down. Aunt May!


Next year, look for Strange Tales volume Two. Please note the sweet as peaches Rafael Grampa cover!


And how about Abnett and Lanning on Iron Man/Thor with art by Scot Eaton? Here's the cover by Ron Garney. I want twelve of it! 


In January, Fred Van Lente and Wellinton Alves present Power Man and Iron Fist, comprised of the new Power Man and the original Iron Fist. Generational kung fu angst!



There's a bit of Cosmic news to be excited about too. This Mike Mignola Rocket Raccoon and Groot cover for example. Sexiest thing out of the con yet? I think so. The series is written, of course, by Abnett and Lanning, with interior art by Tim Green. 



  2. following Ifanboy on the internet for the rest of the CON!!!!

    mouth still wide open over the mike Mignola cover


    ummmm what is wrong with the Powerboy and Ironfist….. {something is}

    never read strange tales WANT to read strange tales

    Mark Waid cap might be a deep read

  3. A Loki mini? Well, so much for that death, I guess?

    But yeah, wow, lots of interesting things here. I have a hard time picking which one I’m most excited for.

  4. Digging all the Cap and Thor news. I guess Marvel is really gearing up for the movies. Keep it coming!

    @ohcaroline: Space??? I heard they were coming home soon.

  5. I am Groot!

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  7. The shoes that Grampa has on Thor are hilarious.

    Lots of good work on display here.  I was expecting to be overloaded with Thor and Cap upcoming works, and they look pretty good.

  8. Is the Ultimate Thor book going to be a an ongoing or a mini?

  9. These are all well and good but you totally missed the ball on one thing:


    (I am hugely excited for Hickman’s Ult. Thor and the new Strange Tales. Grampa’s cover is absolutely gorgeous)

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I assumed Bendis’ Rom announcement was a joke. Can anyone who was there confirm if his tone was genuine? 

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ShaunR – I’m going to assume the Ultimate Thor book is an ongoing. They don’t specify that it’s a limited series like with some of the others. 

  12. @Paul/ShaunR: I believe they said it was an ongoing. They’ve been planning an Ult. Thor book for a long time now.

  13. All of that art is gorgeous.  The way Grampa does costumes makes me think most heroes in the Marvel U are homeless lunatics, which I really, really like.  

  14. @Paul/TNC: I find it strange that they would do a fifth ongoing in the Ultimate Universe. The whole point to the Ultimate line was to keep small and contained with 4 ongoings and a few mini’s and specials here and there. I always thought that if there were to do a fifth ongoing title it would be a Captain America book. Wish they do a Ultimate Spider-Woman mini explaining what the character was doing after the Clone Saga/before Ultimatum.

  15. @ShaunR: See I though they were just gonna do; Ultimate Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Thor, and Ultimate Cap.

    Then they brought back Loeb and did Ultimates and Ultimate X. So maybe they will do a Cap book soon.

  16. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    UPDATE from Romo, Ultimate Comics Thor will be released digitally, day and date with the print edition. 

  17. Wait — What’s all this about ROM?!?!?! Please let it be true.

  18. WTF The rocket Racoon and Groot book. What is this, when’s it happening? That art is gorgeous would love it to be interior but know thats a dream

  19. DnA on Iron Man/Thor.  How awesome.  I was thinking they were gonna do the X-Men, but this is still very cool.  Thor is gonna have a good year coming up.  I don’t think Bucky is staying Cap very long.

  20. That’s a lot of Cap.

  21. @NextChamp ROOM! But yeah, Bendis was totally kidding there.

  22. I read on io9 that Nova is the new Daedevil…I mea WTF?

  23. @comicbookchris: Nooooo! It can’t be true! 🙁

  24. Yay for more Strange Tales.  Was worried it might not be back for a second volume.  Boo on Ultimate Thor because it’s a book about I character I care nothing about, done by a creative team that I can’t see myself passing on 😛

  25. I liked the arc of the Ultimates where Loki was in it.  I think he can be a really good villain again in the Ultimate Universe.

  26. Very excited for more Strange Tales. A lot of this stuff is cool, but the digital release for Ultimate Thor – day and date release – excites me very much also.

  27. CCR is reporting Ultimate Thor is a 4-issue miniseries. (

    Meh. I’m a bit underwhelmed. Remember how old it got when Norman Osborn was the bad guy every Marvel book each month during Dark Reign? I’m starting to feel same way about Iron Man, Thor and Captain America’s Heroic Age. I get that we’re trying to stoke fandom’s hype-furnace for the movies but just, meh.

    That Pachelo art for Ultimate Thor is pretty gorgeous though. 

  28. Can you tell they are pushing Cap and Thor this year? You missed it? Happy to point it out.

  29. Definitely excited for Rocket Racoon and Groot series as well as Ultimate Thor.  For Ultimate Thor, the creative team is just too good to pass up.  

    The only thing missing from all those Captain America announcements is the Mitch Breitweiser drawn book.  You can count me out for pretty much all of those. 

  30. On the Korvacs cover, Cap’s expression looks like he just watched Two Girls One Cup for the first time. 

    The character designs for Ultimate Warriors Three look badass.

    I too want twelve of that Garney Iron Man/Thor cover. 

  31. That is a lot of cap – cool that Hickman Thor will be same day digital distribution…

  32. That Rocket Racoon cover is insane.

  33. That wolverine seems alot like Wildcat. And you know? That’s alright, that’s alright.