SDCC 2010: DC Comics Roundup: Sinestro: Secret Origins, Jimmy Olsen Co-Feature, Weird Worlds!

You like the DC Comics, right? Well, you're in luck. Because we've got some SDCC DC Comics news coming at you like a freight train at a Tokyo dive bar.



Earlier this week, Geoff Johns mentioned that Ivan Reis will be working on a new Secret Origins mini-series. Now we can confirm that its subject is our favorite pink fascist Sinestro. Fans of Training Day and outer space, take note. 


Writer/artist Aaron Lopresti is hard at work on a new heroic monster title called Weird Worlds. Since Swamp Thing is relegated to the bogs and bayous of Vertigo, Lopestri developed a new Troma Film abomination known as Garbage Man. And GB's only one of the kooky new citizens at the center of Weird Worlds.


Writer Nick Spencer makes his Action Comics debut with the upcoming Jimmy Olsen co-feature. The story zeroes in on Jimmy's rolodex of scrappy young journalists and interns throughout Metropolis, including some at LexCorp. One of these pals is Smallville's Chloe Sullivan in her comics debut.

Oh, and Johns also confirmed that we'll finally get that promised brawl between Dex-Starr and Krypto in a special Valentines Day special. 


  1. I thought Busiek had already introduced Chloe Sullivan into the comics at one point. Did it not end up happening?

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    According to DC, this is her "official" introduction. 

  3. Weirld Worlds could definitely be cool.  Color me interested.

  4. I was hoping the Valentine special was gonna be between Dex-Starr and Power Girl’s breast!

  5. I’m a little confused. Is the Secret Origins mini a retelling of Sinestro’s backstory? Is Johns’ writing? I mean either way I’m so there.

    Pretty cool that Johns is delivering the Krypto/Dex brawl. I thought that had been forgotten about.

  6. Why is the sweater vest and bowtie a simple of aw-shucks purity and not an avant garde fashion statement?

  7. I really hope dex clobbers his ass but we know that won’t happen.

  8. Sinestro: Secret Origin made me hit the roof. The Dex-Starr/Krypto showdown is a long time a-coming.

  9. I heard the first Chloe Sullivan introduction ended up not working.

  10. "scrappy young journalsts"?….yeah, gonna have to pass on that one….