SDCC 2010: Dark Horse Roundup: Axe Cop! Digital 300 and Sin City! Dark Horse Presents!

Alright, tons of stuff out of today's Dark Horse panel. Let's get right to it. 



Hey, do you like digital comics? Do you like Frank Miller? Well, you're in luck, because 300 and the first two Sin City books (A Hard Goodbye and A Dame to Kill For) are now available for digital download. They are available right now in the Apple store and ready for your iPad. 



The greatest webcomic to grace the internet is coming to Dark Horse. That's right. Axe Cop has a new jurisdiction, and that jurisdiction is your local comic shop. Artist Ethan Nicolle's five year old brother Malachai cape up with the story, making this a very special, totally explosive adventure series about one axe-wielding cop against the world. Dark Horse will collect the existing adventures of Axe Cop in December, and the brothers will deliver a new mini-series in the spring. Which features time travel. 

The brothers are pumped. Are you? (Yes.)



Concrete! Mr. Monster! 

Just in time for their 25th anniversary, Dark Horse Presents makes its return to print after ten long years. 

Edited by Dark Horse President and Publisher Mike Richardson, the anthology magazine will feature comics work from Paul Chadwick, Carla Speed McNeil, Harlan Ellison, Mike Mignola, Howard Chaykin and more. Dark Horse Presents returns in March of 2011. 


  1. Woohoo! Sin City on the Ipad!!!

  2. Wow. So far Dark Horse is winning Comic Con. Wouldn’t have expected that. I guess you could say they’re a dark horse. Eh heh heh… ugh…

  3. AXE COP!

  4. I love love love Axe cop and that collection sounds SWEET!

  5. Can anyone with a iPad tell me the pricing on the new Dark Horse stuff? Because they’ve been very price aggressive so far and I hope it’s working.

  6. Axe Cop is the best thing ever.

  7. Dark Horse Presents in print!!!

    I wasn’t even collecting comics when DHP was current, but I always grab them up in dollar bins when I see them.

    I kind of lost track of the myspace DHP and still cant get around to buying the collections.  Now that its going back in print I’ll be able to capture that sense of following the best monthly anthology in comics!  I mean that in the sense that I hope it will feel like what I’ve always imagined it would have been like if I was reading/collecting DHP comics in the 80s/90s…

    CONCRETE! MR. MONSTER!…about three years ago, these were comics I picked up in back issues and got me re-hooked on comics!