SDCC 2010: Avengers Casting News: Mark Ruffalo is Bruce Banner, Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye

On Thursday, Joss Whedon confirmed he’ll be directing the upcoming Avengers film. Now, we can report two more members of the team.

As rumored, Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) will play Clint Barton (Hawkeye). It is not known whether Renner is of evil carny stock, but he has worked with long range weapons (S.W.A.T.), and is not afraid to wear fuchsia.

And way, way past my bedtime, Deadline reported that Mark Ruffalo has been tapped as the new Bruce Banner. It was only recently announced that Marvel and Incredible Hulk star Edward Norton had split due to irreconcilable artistic differences, so the studio had to find somebody quick if they were going to announce at Comic Con. Ruffalo’s no slouch either, and has just the right balance of caffeinated charm and neurosis to pull of the silver screen version of Bruce Banner. We’ve loved him when he’s addled, but will we like him when he’s angry? I think so.

Good picks is what I say. Good picks!


  1. Paul let me just say you are a machine posting all this info. I’m going to the con and I haven’t heard half this stuff.

  2. About damn time they confirmed Renner as Hawkeye.  I remember seeing the first post about it last Thanksgiving on Slashfilm and then the constant denying it then another rumor saying it was back on etc.

    I think they are both great actors.  Can’t wait to see Ruffalo’s take on Banner/Hulk.

  3. Wow this news & Joss Whedon directing is all of the hype I needed in order to go out screaming in joy for The Avengers movie. In other words I will now DEFINITELY WATCH THIS FILM! CAN NOT WAIT!!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!!!!

  4. I’m kind of bummed that Edward Norton is out (I thought he was pretty much perfect as Banner), but I also think Mark Ruffalo is a pretty darn good choice too.  I’m just so glad that they’re focusing on getting good actors more than populating the ranks with insipid pretty boys.  I mean attitude/looks wise, Renner is perfect for Hawkeye, just perfect.

  5. Damn!!!  Last I heard it was David (Dr Who) Tennant and Adrien (Predators, King Kong ) Brody were in the running.

    Is this now definite?

    I thought that Edward Norton were kissing and making up with Marvel obviously not the case.

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @KingHulkMarco – It looks to be legit, according to Deadline. We can probably expect an official announcement from Marvel shortly. 

  7. Damn, I hope this doesn’t blow up in there faces Paul.

    So what as Mark Ruffalo been in then?  He is not a ‘big name actor’ is he? 

  8. Nice choices. I’m sure Josh is as happy as can be right now. 😉

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @KingHulkMarco – Mark Ruffalo has been in tons of things, mostly smaller independent films, but many of them were critical successes. Right now he’s starring in The Kids Are Alright. Recently he appeared in Shutter Island, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Brothers Bloom. You may also recognize him from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Zodiac, and Collateral. 

  10. So basically what you are saying Paul is that this movie will (hopefully) lead to bigger and better things for him?

    I have seen both Where the Wild Things Are and Collateral.  I don’t really remember him.  Okay, I hope that for his sake he is good at that role.  Edward Norton should be doing it damn you Marvel!!!!

    Thank you for telling me that you are very kind. 

    So are you a Hulk fan or a Hawkeye fan then? 

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I think he already has a pretty great career. 

  12. his character in eternal sunshine strikes me as very similar to a bruce banner-like character. i like his casting.

  13. Gentlemen, I am working in the dark on this one.


    So, I will have to trust both of your judgement on this one.

  14. Mark Ruffalo is a relatively big name to most movie fans. He’ll never be on the Pitt/Clooney level, but he is right there when you talk about respected actors. He’s far from a nobody they pulled in off the street. 

  15. Good casting on both. Renner really fits my idea of Hawkeye. And Ruffalo is almost always good.

  16. Smart choices, and it says a lot about where these kinds of movies are in Our Day and Age, wherein serious actors like Downey Jr., Renner, and Ruffalo gravitate to comic book movies with more in mind than making a quick buck.

  17. Wow!  It seems like Mr Mark Ruffalo as a bit of a following going on here.

    I am going to trust you guys not to lead me down the garden path with this one.

    I do hope that he will indeed make a fine Dr Bruce Banner. 


  18. Dude, Ruffalo is far from a no name. People are speaking well of him cuz he’s a good actor and has been around for a while. He’s not the end all be all or anything. But he’s far from an unknown commodity. People who know movies, know who he is. Check out his filmography.

  19. Thank you I will.

    This help is much appreciated.

  20. I have been on there.

     A most impressive body of work indeed.

  21. I love Mark Ruffalo but I’d prefer that Norton stay as Banner. I really hate how Marvel keep doing all these cast changes like it’s nothing. For a reboot I understand (Hulk to Incredible Hulk) but as I understand it, Avengers is meant to be in continuity with the other Marvel films.

  22. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    We don’t know all the facts about the disagreements between Norton and Marvel. I’m sure Marvel didn’t want to replace him, but he wasn’t willing to compromise on the direction for the character. The Avengers is a complicated undertaking, and one actor can’t hold a film hostage. Since it had to be done, Ruffalo is a fine substitute. 

  23. Ruffalo gives me warmer feelings than the Joaquin Phoenix rumor. The Jeremy Renner thing really makes me realize that I need to get on watching the Hurt Locker. My friend let me borrow a copy he got while on tour in Iraq, but it doesn’t play on my DVD players. So the only thing I have to go by for him is SWAT and 28 Weeks. This squashes all the Fillion for Hawkeye rumors, I guess. There’s still others he can play (Hank Pym), but he has an indie hero movie at the con, that I hear is similar to Kick-Ass, with Rain Wilson and Ellen Page.

  24. However… Joaquin Phoenix would have been an interesting Banner. Amiright?

  25. Mark Ruffalo is a cool cat.  I’m glad to see him in the movie.

  26. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    CONFIRMED: Ruffalo and Renner both joined the rest of the existing Avengers cast on stage in San Diego. 

  27. I really enjoyed to the Hurt Locker and Joss Whedon… well he’s Joss Whedon.  I’m still hoping for some Nathan Fillion as Antman.

  28. Love both these castings.  Am I to assume that since there was no announcement at Comic Con that Pym and Janet ain;t gonna be in the flick?