Scott Snyder Unleashes Hobo Horror with the Creator Owned SEVERED for Image

Last year, DK Publishing released a coffee table book called DC Comics Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle. It's not that huge one you might be thinking of, but it's a big book in its own right, offering double page spreads for each year in the publisher's history with bullet points for all of the major touchstones. The 2010 entry spotlights a number of books, but one of the prominent items is Vertigo's American Vampire, a book that debuted in March of that year. American Vampire was one of the breakout hits of 2010, and it also represents the first time many of us noticed the name Scott Snyder. While the first arc of that series saw Snyder co-writing with Stephen King, the story continues as Snyder's own vehicle with artists like Rafael Albuquerque and Sean Murphy. What we're learning in 2011 is that it also marks the opening chapter in what's turning out to be a very interesting career in comics. Snyder followed up American Vampire with his current, celebrated tenure on Detective Comics. He'll contribute even more to the Batman mythos later this year with Batman: Gates of Gotham

So, what's the next move? Snyder's already written a few scripts for Marvel, dating back to the days before his time at Vertigo, and American Vampire is nearing its first spinoff mini series. He's a bona fide Gothamite and he has a story credit in the Flashpoint: Project Superman mini. 

What's next is the seven-part Severed

This week Image comics announced the new creator-owned series from Snyder, co-writer Scott Tuft and artist Attila Futaki. Like American Vampire, Severed takes place in early 20th century America. And there are some big teeth involved. Though it sounds much more like a southern gothic yarn with bogeymen than a sweeping vampire saga. 

The skinny from Image: 

"Severed is mostly set in 1916 and follows Jack Garron, an idealistic 12-year-old who has taken to the road in search of his father, a wayward minstrel. Along the way, he meets up with a mysterious, charismatic salesman whose pearly whites cover the razor sharp teeth that he uses to feed on the innocent. Jack soon finds out that out on the roads and rails of early 20th century America, nothing goes wasted."

As Snyder explains: 

"This story digs deep into the American psyche, exploring a time when a vast network of rails supported a society of vagabonds and when the automobile made even the darkest corners of the country accessible to everyone. Tattooed traveling salesmen, black-faced minstrel men, cross-dressing tramps: Severed is filled with unexpected characters and tells a story that is not only uniquely American but certainly one of the scariest things I have ever written."

Let's call it "hobo horror." Or maybe "bindle and brimstone." Either way, it sounds like Snyder at his best. And we're pretty excited about the artist too. Attila Futaki is probably best known for his work on the Percy Jackson graphic novels, and before you dismiss that as a safe, YA tie-in project, have a look at some of those pages:



Severed #1. Tramps. Hobos. Vagabonds. Minstrels. Phonographs. Big teeth. Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft, Atilla Futaki. 32 pages. Color. $2.99. August 3rd. 


  1. Snyder was a good sell for me picking this up, but the ART put it over the top.

  2. What do you mean “seven-part”? I thought I heard it was an ongoing from another site. Either way, I’ll pick it up. I have yet to read anything by Scott Snyder.

  3. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Suicidalkangarooz  Just going by the cover, which says 1 of 7. 

  4. American Vampyre, Detective, Voodoo Heart. . . Honestly, if Image were publishing his grocery store lists, I’d probably buy them.

  5. @HailScott Is your username any indication of your adoration for Mr. Snyder or is that coincedence?

  6. This sounds great. So far Synder hasn’t written anything I haven’t liked.

  7. Paul already put all the words I’m gonna love with this comic at the end.

    But I’m excited for this, especially with that beautiful art. 

  8. This sound spectacular. Snyder’s comics work has been really growing in leaps and bounds as he continues with both Detective and AV, so I’ve got a feeling SEVERED is going to be something really special. I love the early 20th century American setting — such a great mileu for the strange and twisted.

  9. I agree with @daccampo.  And not for the first (or last) time.  

  10. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @daccampo  We’re going to be all about this book, my friend!

  11. I am so there. Sign me up!

  12. I am 100% gettting this. If they release a HC I will get that too!

  13. @diebenny  Only hailing myself, as the great Mr. LaVey instructed. Based on your avatar, I’m assuming you get it. 

  14. I love his Detective run so I’m gonna try this out.  Or at least pick up the trade at some point.