Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla Take a Ride-Along with Commissioner Gordon for a Detective Comics Co-Feature!

So, we're more than a little excited about Scott Snyder's upcoming run on Detective Comics. Guy's cut his teeth on Vertigo's American Vampire and promised a return to Batman's shadow-sleuth roots. Then we found out Jock is drawing it and Josh has been traveling almost entirely by cartwheel ever since. 

Now we've got even more reason for excitement. 

Commissioner Gordon's getting his own co-feature! And while it's said to stand alone as its own serial, it's also going to fill in some of the blanks in Snyder's ongoing Detective Comics story line. And one of our favorite artists is drawing it:

That's right! Francesco Francavilla–last seen in this morning's Weekly Sketch Up and in Marvel's recent Man Without Fear promos–will be bringing some extra pulp to Snyder's big squeeze. That's a weird joke, but let's keep on going. 

The more we hear about it, Snyder's Detective Comics sounds like the book a lot of Gotham Central fans have been waiting for. Sure, it's not the same concept, but you just get the sense we're going to be seeing a lot more fire escapes and styrofoam coffee cups again. And hell, Gordon wasn't even around much for that series, so this even has a one up on it.. Here's to putting the Detective back in Detective Comics


  1. November can’t get here soon enough.


    Jock AND Francavilla?  Pinch me indeed.

  2. SO GOOD. 

  3. This looks so sweet. Even more reason to pick up this book.

  4. Alright now I can fully invest with this series.

  5. There’s never enough Commissioner Gordon in Batman comics. This sound’s great.

  6. Francavilla has quickly become a favorite pin-up artist of mine. I’ve been meaning to pick up some of his actual comic work but haven’t been able to. Detective is about to be my favorite book again.

  7. Now we must play the game at exactly what Gordon is looking at.

  8. Wow this is very ambitious, I really hope they can pull off a monthly schedule with all that. Very excited!

  9. Man I have to buy this book.

  10. This makes me so happy! Giddy, even!

  11. Snyder, Jock and Francavilla? Wow. That’s a great package right there. Bring it on!

  12. I am filled with delight!  Can’t wait.  Hurry up, November.

  13. Drop SoG, and pick up Detective.  Done and done

  14. Wow, Ive never heard of this guy but that picture looks awesome. This totally looks like a brand new day for Detective, Snyder really seems to want Detective to be a really dark and gritty noir comic, which is exactly what more writers need to realize when writing Bats. 

  15. Yes.

  16. Yes.

  17. I’m glad DC realizes both of these guys will be best suited for smaller stories. So excited. 

  18. Woop! Can’t wait!!

  19. The book that is going to sweep me off my feet may already be knocking me down.  Awesome news.

  20. Awesome news!

    Detective has seen a lot of dramatic changes in the last five years (from Dini sweet done-in-two stories to Rucka’s Batwoman masterpiece), and most of them have been pretty solid (if not long lasting). Detective seems to be playing the role of the experimental laboratory for the Batbooks recently, and I think it’s a much more interesting way to use the title than just having it be the American Dad to the Batman title’s Family Guy (i.e. all the stories that didn’t make it to the real show).

    Bring it on fellas! What a bitchin time to be a batfan.

  21. With all this good news lately, the Internet may have to shut down, due to having nothing to complain about.

  22. Just got back from a week’s holiday, without internet, and this is the first article I locked onto.  It’s absolute perfection, music to my ears.  I think I have a tear in my eye…

  23. When Snyder was announced I was interested. When Jock was announced I was convinced. This is just an extra.

    I have not read anything by FF, but his Man without Fear art had me thinking that story might be woth checking out…but if he’s on Detective, I know were I’ll be. I never thought Detective could be such an interesting book, but with JH and Rucka last year and Snyder and Jock coming up the series is on fire.

  24. Awesome This is going to be so great. Love synder’s work on American vampire.