Scott Pilgrim Casting?

In a bit of casting news that has me pumping my fist in the air, much like Scott Pilgrim does – it appears that Michael Cera is in final talks to play the role of Scott Pilgrim in the movie adaption of the popular graphic novels series.

You may recgonize him from his role on Arrested Development as George Michael, or as the lead character in Superbad, or more recently as the clueless boy in the academy award winning Juno. Everyone at iFanboy are huge fans of his work and I personally love the idea of him playing Scott Pilgrim. His comedy and approach is unique, and I would be fearful of him playing Scott the same way he’s played other characters, but you know, I think this could be just enough of a stretch for him that it could be totally doable. I can almost close my eyes and see him as Scott Pilgrim the more I think about it.

Here’s a little motivational video he produced for you to enjoy:


  1. i DO love Cera’s work, but not sure how well he’ll be able to pull of the anime-style fight scenes and obnoxious self-confidence..but I’ll definately give him the benefit of the doubt! That kid is hilarious.

  2. If this comes to fruitition I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised because at the moment I don’t see it.  Then again I’ve only seen Michael Cera playing "Michael Cera" so maybe he can pull of Scott Pilgrim.  His standard schtick (which is funny) isn’t right for Scott Pilgrim.

  3. I can’t imagine Cera playing anyone but the character he usually is. Even if he can pull off Scott personality-wise his voice just seems like it would still retain that gentle(kinda whimpy) sound it always has. I just finished Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together and I love that series so much. I’m scared of what they may do to it in the movie. In the end though the books will always be there.

  4. "You may recgonize him from his role on Arrested Development as George Michael, or as the lead character in Superbad, or more recently as the clueless boy in the academy award winning Juno."

    But if you’ve seen one, don’t worry, you’ve seen them all.
    For a book that seems to exude over-the-top energy and confidence, Cera’s the last name I’d think of. Could be pretty thrilling if he can rise to that occasion, though!

  5. I love Michael Cera.  I love most of the stuff he’s done but no matter what he’s always Michael Cera.  He is not Scott Pilgrim and I don’t believe he has the acting cops to do it.  I know he’s a fan of the book but I don’t see this as a good match.  I would much rather see someone unknown play him.  

     I’m weary of a Scott Pilgrim adaptation in general because I think a lot of things will be lost in a translation.  In a perfect world to me the movies would be CG animated and would be directed by Brad Bird.  It would never happen but to me that is how it could be pulled off perfect.

  6. You may also recognize him from his brilliant 10-episode web series "Clark and Michael", which I was very surprised to not hear on the ifanboy year-end round-up of best shows on the internet.  See all that repressed rage burst forth from Michael Cera.  Learn who the heck Clark Duke is.  Say, "Hey, isn’t that Patton Oswalt?"  Enjoy.

  7. Heh.  Brad Bird is the new Bruce Timm.

  8. I have’t read SP.My frist thought is that MC would be good for part (form what i’ve seen). But now my 2nd thought is that maybe he is’t (form what you guy are saying).I’ll have to read SP and see what i think then.  

  9. I love Michael Cera and am completely stoked by this news, although I agree with others that we’d have to see him pull off a different kind of performance. I love Cera’s comedy style, but it doesn’t seem to fit Scott Pilgrim. But then people said Heath Ledger would never make a good Joker (ok, we haven’t seen the film yet, but tell me he doesn’t nail it in the trailer).

    The only other actor I’d think of for Scott is Emile Hirsh, simply because the book character looks like him (and the Speed Racer trailer helps sell him in that kind of hyper-real world).

    Let’s not forget the most awesome thing about this Pilgrim movie; it’s being directed by Edgar Wright! If ever a director was better suited to source material I can’t remember it! 

  10. People said Heath Ledger wouldn’t make a good Joker?

  11. This book is soooo great.  But I think a lie action movie whould be terrible.  This book dosent lend it self to that very well.

    You either get it or you don’t and there are a lot of people that would not get this on the big screen.  Animated id the only way to go if this is going to be a movie.  Real actors could not do it justice.

  12. Yeah, count me as yet another fan who doesn’t see how a live-action movie could possibly work. I’d LOVE to see an animated version. I feel that the careful dynamics in the material (regular young-adult life crossed with magic-ninja craziness) just could not be portrayed with real actors. Scott Pilgrim is a book of contradictions of style and I’m not sure how you could pull that off life-action. Well, Kill Bill kind of did it, so maybe… But it just seems like this material is so well-suited for animation instead…

  13. Michael Cera is soooo perfect for this.



  14. @Conor… Not me, mate, I had absolute trust in Nolan’s choice. But when it was announced the film sites were plagued with people saying it was a bad choice.

    But I trusted Nolan, and he delivered. And I trust Edgar Wright, so I’m on board! 

  15. I personally like the idea – he’s got the Pilgrim look to him, and with the way animation and live action are blurring these days (you see that Speed Racer trailer?!?), it could work and be a great, one-of-a-kind flick.

    Along with Eyun, count me among those who trusts in Edgar Wright.

  16. oh man, this actually kind of excites me.


    and at least its not shai labeouf 

  17. Sadly, I think I’m one of the people who no matter who they cast I’m going to cringe a little.  I adore the graphic novels so much and would rather see them stay that way.  

  18. @Conor most of my friends think Heath Ledger was a bad cast for the Joker. I thought it was great from the start b/c his smile always just seemed creepy to me. Go back and watch 10 Things I hate about you and you’ll see what I mean.

  19. @leland222, yah, i have the same feeling about this that i do about the supposed Preacher HBO series..I love the books so much that I’m afraid the live action attempts are gonna suck, but on the other hand I’m glad that people love them enough to attempt the medium jump


  20. Like everyone else, I’m skeptical. I mean, I looooove arrested development and have always liked Michael Cera, but I don’t see him in this role. BUT, at the same time, I trust Edgar Wright and think this will be pretty awesome. This movie will probably be huge and everyone will love Scott Pilgrim, and we will all sit back and be like "Well, I liked him way before…" and no one will care and then we’ll all feel stupid for saying it. Fun huh?

  21. I think this is great! This could be the role that could show the acting range so many people has yet to see.

    Very funny video. I love how, as jack black always sells the "indie rocker" image of himself, Michael Cera always sells kind of a "Guitar class student".

  22. @wolf – blaaggghhhh. i just read the first part of that link and didn’t want to read anymore. I’m not gonna say anything that would spoil for people who haven’t read the comics or haven’t read the link but just the first thing that he said about how the movie was going to be handled was—was–uuggghhhh…….

  23. my first pick was Simon Pegg