Scott Kolins Joins Marc Guggenheim on JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA

Starting in October, artist Scott Kolins joins writer Marc Guggenheim as the new creative team on Justice Society of America. The DC Blog seems to indicate that it's not an indefinite thing, saying that Kolins is joining the book "for a spell."

I'm a big fan of Scott Kolins, usually. He's an artist who can work in a few different style and I'm not as much of a fan of his softer, painterly style that he has employed on DC Universe: Legacies and his fill-in pages on Batman and Robin. He seems to be utilizing the same style in these preview pages. I like his kinetic, messy style that he used when he was the regular artist on Geoff Johns' The Flash and on the Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge mini-series. When he draws like that he's one of my favorite artists.

Regardless of the art style, I'm excited for the new creative team and I'm excited to get back to reading Justice Society of America!



  1. That page of Jay and Alan looks pretty sweet to me!

  2. Normally I would think this is a good thing. But Kolins new style really isn’t working for me. 

  3. I’m more excited for Kolins art than Guggenheim’s writing

  4. It looks like it need inks. There are a lot of guys trying the straight pencils style and it’s just making their art look terrible, like Doug Braithwait and Scott Kollins.

  5. I like both Guggenheim and Kolins. Kolins’ stuff here look GREAT. This may just become a must-read book. Too bad the blog seems to indicate that this may just be for an arc or two. I’d really like to see a good team come on this book and really build up some momentum.

  6. love the JSA and this is lookin pretty cool. Looking forward to it.

  7. Looks great. I’m totally down. Willingham’s run wasn’t as bad as it’s made out to be and I’ve lked Robinson’s short stint, but I’m ready for JSA to be "must read" again.

  8. Sound great. I’m looking forward to reading JSA again.

  9. I only dropped JSA after the last arc and already I’m excited to jump back on.  These pages look amazing and ominous at the same time. 

  10. Just when I was about to jump off this title…

  11. i thought the whole fatherland arc was cool in jsa, but im done with the jsa/jla crossover. im ready for pure Justice society.

  12. I prefer the scratchier Kollins (ala Blackest Night Flash) but this looks brilliant nonetheless!

  13. lets hope it improves the book, because it sure went to hell when Johns left.

  14. I will say it’s a good sign, so far, that Guggenheim goes right to Alan Scott and Jay Garrick for his first show. Big props there.

  15. I dropped this title some time ago after Johns left. I may have to pick this up and give it a shot.

  16. Yay!!! I’m gonna be reading JSA again!

  17. Gotta say I too prefer Flash Kolins. This new style seems like a step back for him. But I’ll still be there with bells on. Can’t wait til this Starheart poopfest is over so I can drop JLA and dive back into some solid JSA goodness.