SANDMAN TV Series Not Happening… For Now

Remember that Sandman TV series that we told you about last September? The one that Warner Bros. was trying to get made by Supernatural show runner Eric Kripke?

“Unfortunately, for a lot of varying reasons, Sandman is not in the works, at least for this season."

That's what Kripke told The Hollywood Reporter at PaleyFest on Sunday.

This is why we always tell you not to get too crazy when TV shows and movies get put into early development. Chances are always much greater that these things won't ever see the light of day. Remember when HBO was going to turn Preacher into a series?

The good news, if you were looking forward to a Sandman show, is that Kripke also said that the show wasn't completely dead, just that it wasn't happening right now. He also told The Hollywood Reporter that he had gone so far as to meet with Sandman creator Neal Gaiman to discuss the show prior to development being stalled.


  1. Yay.

  2. Speaking of Vertigo series on TV, did anything ever happen with that Fables TV project?  Is that in development?

  3. Good. I just don’t trust the folks behind “Supernatural” with Sandman.

    Adapting for TV instead of as a movie, that’s a great idea. But – wait for a cable channel and showrunners who have a more dramatic/storyteller/indie vibe than a genre/popcorn one.  

  4. y the last man would make a great tv show. come on hollywood get on with it.

  5. “Good” from me too. There are some Vertigo books that I think would make great tv shows. Preacher would have been a wonderful HBO project. I could see Fables or The Unwritten as BBC-ish series quite easily.

    But Sandman is a little too text-based, I think, if that makes any sense. Even more than something like The Unwritten, Sandman was about writing and different styles of writing. It was also very well suited to the comics medium: different artists for each arc, all with a different style of rendering certain recurring characters. There’s no way to really convey that to tv. Not that every aspect of a comic would have to be conveyed when adapted to another medium, but with Sandman I think too much would be lost in translation.

    Of course, I still say the same thing regarding Watchmen, because there’s a point at which a director can try too laboriously to include every detail, while missing the point that even if you include every line from the comic, reading and viewing are too fundamentally different experiences. Something like Sandman relies very heavily on pure (silent, isolated) reading qualities to convey Gaiman’s uber-complex and nuanced saga.

  6. Does anyone else find it ironic that this was announced at the “Pale”-yfest?  

  7. This is kind of upsetting for me for a couple of reasons. First off, I love Supernatural and think Kripke would have done a good job with a Sandman TV show.

    Secondly, I was actually watching Supernatural yesterday, and I remembered reading on iFanboy that Kripke was working on adapting a comic series for TV that i was very excited about hearing…….but was drawing a TOTAL blank as to what it was. So I actually went page by page through the iFanboy archives until I found it, on like page 167 or something. Then the NEXT DAY it’s back up on the top of the site! 

  8. Now I’m depressed. Kripke’s Sandman would be fucked up… because Kripke is a fucked up guy. Who doesn’t believe check out this great fan-made video. Talk about cornucopia of disturbing.

  9. @TomE: I think it’s Supernatural in general. They have a woman running the show now, and it seems twice as mysoginistic.