Sam Kieth Covers Cory Doctorow in ‘Anda’s Game’

Just the other day Josh and I were discussing Sam Kieth and were wondering what he’s been into. Well, here is a peek at the cover to Anda’s Game, based on the works of sci-fi writer and Boing Boing blogger Cory Doctorow. This is from a series of 6 issues set to be published by IDW.

I have to admit, Kieth is one of those artists who I will forgive any and all schedule misgivings. I wonder/hope that he’s doing interiors too..


  1. Keith started a 5 issue mini from Oni titled My Inner Bimbo, but it’s been almost a year since the first issue came out and there’s still no sign of #2.

  2. That’s what prompted the conversation.

    I don’t think you’re gonna see #2.

    But then, I didn’t finish reading #1, so that’s pretty much OK by me.

  3. i love sam keith. still enjoying that sam keith sketch ron?