Ryan Claytor’s Summer Tour!

You might not have heard of Ryan Claytor, but if you have, then this is the sort of thing you'll want to pay attention to. But if you haven't, pay attention anyway.

I met Ryan at San Diego many years ago, peddling his mini-comics, and really liked the work he was doing.  They're small, personal stories, and in the meantime, he's only gotten better, especially with his And Then One Day series.  Plus the books are handmade! He also works as a professor in Michigan, teaching Comics Studioes courses.  In the past, he's toured North America, making stops and doing talks at comic shops and other spots of interest.  He recently started a new tour, and I, in my infinite self-centered-ness, missed the start date, and it's already underway.  Still, there is plenty of touring to go in the US and Canada. 

The man is both knowledgeable and entertaining, and knows a hell of a lot of about comics, but most importantly, this is a guy who loves comics.  It's worth checking out any of his stops, and getting some top notch comics from him.  You can learn more about the tour here.  Check out the dates below, but make sure to look at the updates on his site, as there have been some changes.


For more on Ryan Claytor, get to ElephantEater.com.


  1. I remember hearing about this when he first announced it but I totally forgot about it until now.

    Thanks for the reminder Josh!

  2. We don’t get a lot of creators travelling up this far, so I’m really looking forward to meeting him at the Comic Hunter in a couple of weeks. 

  3. I’ve hearad good things about the Comic Hunter, I wonder if it’s the same as Mark Comic Hunter that comes down for Montreal Comic Con and Fanexpo.