RUMOR: Tim Robbins and HAWKEYE in ‘Iron Man 2’?

There is a rumor going around that Tim Robbins is being tapped to play Howard Stark, Tony’s father in Iron Man 2. The scene is set to be a flashback to set up The Avengers and Captain America.

The same article also states that it’s highly likely that Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff — Hawkeye and Black Widow will be featured — and not just in cameo appearances. My fingers are crossed that it’s the classic Marvel version, and not the Ultimate version, because Ultimate Hawkeye is a dork.

I know Hawkeye is my favorite Marvel character and all, but I don’t really have a burning desire to see him on screen. It feels like there are so many ways it could go wrong. It works in comics, but when done in real life, a bow and arrow is vaguely silly compared to a man in a jet suit, if you follow me.

Thanks to Robert for the tip. Movies.


  1. There is one Hawkeye and his name is Benjamin Franklin Pierce.  

  2. My fanboy energy is boiling over. I’ll admit, I let out a "Woo Hoo!"

  3. What would character speculation be without suggestions on casting?  Anybody watch the tv show Chuck?  I could see Yvonne Strzechowski from that show as Black Widow.

  4. I’m guessing the Hawkeye that will be in the movie, if true, will look a lot like the one in the Ultimates.  I’d bet my bottom dollar.  Hopefully, his character will be based on Clint Barton.  We shall see.

  5. I’m not overly familiar with these characters, but if this is true I hope it doesn’t succumb to the ‘overcrowding the sequel’ rule. The best ones keep it simple. As far as I can think, TDK is the only one in recent memory that managed to not get lost in a mass of main characters… and that was two and a half hours long.

    But, hey, Favs has got my trust so I’m optimistic.

  6. @PaulMontgomery

    Alda or Sutherland?

  7. This actually sounds exciting, as opposed to out there casting rumors I’ve read about The Dark Knight sequel lately.

  8. @bean6344 – Do you even have to ask?  Alda.  

  9. He will flash back to the formation of the team where he missed the meeting and someone sent him a SMS saying they have formed and to text them back if he wants to join. That means no weird customes or over crowded movie.

  10. I put my faith in Marvel studios and favreau.  I like the idea of being introduced to these characters before Avengers hits theaters.  Obviously this Marvel Movie Universe, already has ‘superheroes’, Fury mentioned it in his cameo.  It make sense that as Stark becomes part of that world he would meet others.

    This just adds to my excitement….of a movie that comes out in a year and a half….

  11. I’m rooting for Jesse Spencer as Clint/Hawkeye and Christina Hendricks for Natalia/Black Widow. I think this is going to be great.

  12. But if he joins the universe of super heroes, that means that the other super heroes are lousy. "Didn’t you notice that glowing flying thing that was smuggled over the border?"

    Thor: "I thought it was a night light…" 

  13. It’s Iron Man. This has the potential to RULE.

  14. Ill be interested to see how the screenplay and Favreau manage to pull Hawkeye into the picture and make him seem legit next too, like Josh said, a "man in a jetsuit"…

  15. I didn’t mind Ultimate Hawkeye.

    Until Loeb mucked about with him, anyway. Kinda defeats the point having Hawkeye using guns exclusively.

    Jeph Loeb killed The Ultimates… 🙁

  16. @theswordisdrawn – the lateness before Loeb didn’t help either, but yes he put the final nail in the coffin

    As for this rumor *gimme hands*

  17. @PaulMontgomery – Hell yeah.

  18. Hawkeye was fine in Ultimates II.  Not fine at all in Ultimates III.  We’ll call it the Loeb factor.  Don’t see his name on the Iron Man 2 credits?  Good, because that name would be BOX OFFICE POISON. 

  19. If they do use Black Widow, I’d like to see an Eastern European or Russian actress.  I know I heard a good suggestion the other day but I’m blanking. 

  20. I am giddy ^__^

  21. A man with deadly accuraccy is anyrthing but silly. What kind of Hawkeye fan are you?

  22. I’m the best kind of Hawkeye fan.  I have the courage to leave him in comics.  But I have a chronic distrust of filmic adaptations of characters whom I hold dear.

  23. @paulmontgomery


    You’re totally forgetting BF Pierce’s namesake, Hawkeye from the Last of the Mohicans!

  24. Thank God they won’t use the Ultimate versions because the Ultimate version of Iron Man looks like a tool.

  25. @josh: Your just feeling what Ron was when he heard an X-men film was in the works. Your most favorite character (in Ron’s case a team) is going to get a part in a film and your sweating bullets. I’m worried as hell about Deadpool appearing in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but I wont be fully worried/relieved until I see about a good minute or two of footage with him. (Then again that split second of seeing him looking like a model twirling swords in the recent trailer didnt look so good)

    But Hawkeye got popular because of debuting in Iron Man. It only makes sense for Marvel to pretty much relive his original appearence in Tales of Suspense #57. We’ll see how it goes, since they got to shoehorn a lot of plot into this film if they are gonna introduce two NEW characters into the Marvel film universe.

    So in other words, dont worry josh…We’ll all hold your hand if it truely reeks.

  26. I hope I don’t come off as ingrate but could we not post the rumor in the title?


  27. Everyone is thinking it.  I’ll just say it.

     Hawkeye = John Stamos.

    ..and for the Cap movie, Tom Cruise + ILM = MODOK.

  28. cant wait for Iron Man 2

  29. @ato220 – Good call.  The best Hawkeye there ever was or ever will be.  I mean, it’s not like they’re going to get a 2-time oscar winner to take a role in a ‘comic-book’ movie.

    Oh.  What’s that?  Don Cheadle and Robert Downey Jr. are both oscar-nominated actors?  Oh.  K.  Well then Daniel Day Lewis for Hawkeye!  To the academy for your consideration!    

  30. @Crippler – only if it’s Daniel Day Lewis’ characters from either My Left Foot or There Will Be Blood ("I shoot your arrow!!!")

    Personally, I think if they go the redeemed-villian route, this will give Marvel more fodder for an Avengers flick, either as members of the original team or the replacements like they actually were. I could see it going either way, although an after-the-credits cameo in the Avengers flick could be gold.

  31. Sadly, its Latino Review and almost 99% of the time their rumors are false.  Its always a let down because I want them to be true.

  32. I did make sure to highlight the word "rumor" you’ll notice.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s all it is.  But hey, speculation is fun.

  33. hopefully this’ll just be a cameo as ex-criminal clint barton, like the shield references in the first film, then he can finally suit up as the awesome ronin in the avengers film. with a sword too!

  34. So that means the Avenegers movie will have a full house of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow? Oh, and maybe the Hulk? Sorry, that just seems like way too many characters. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see it, just wouldn’t want to see characters lost in the shuffle.
    In my mind it would be great to have Iron Man and Captain America and Thor. With Black Widow thrown in to give it a love triangle vibe. Have them all chasing down the Hulk.
    I guess the bigger question than who will be in The Avengers, is who will The Avengers fight? Wrecking Crew? Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (while still in brotherhood)? Hydra? Ultron?? 
  35. But that was my point.  I think the Avengers movie should have a huge cast of characters.  And if this rumor is in anyway true, then I like meeting and getting to know those members before Avengers comes to the big screen.

    Origins are out of the way and we get to see them interact with one another and have a massive throwdown with "villian/evil force" to be named later.

  36. I was hoping for a cameo from Morrie Bench, Hydro-Man, but they’d probably screw that up too.

  37. Hawkeye’s costume will be revealed, and will be mainly black, with some gold highlights.  It’ll have a full face mask, gold ribbons flying freely, and two katana swords.

  38. It’ll actually look a lot like this:

  39. ribbons! hahaha! oh ronin, ronin, where once so badass, i can never look at thee the same way again.

  40. NOOOO!!!!

  41. @josh: Maybe you should go to the director before this idea somehow gets into his head…..somehow.

    (tries to find Faverau’s phone number) I just got the best idea for Hawkeye’s outfit Mr. Faverau. 🙂

  42. Anyone okay with an ultimate hawkeye look but a 616 hawkeye character?  That seems to make the most sense to me.

  43. that would be cool, plus if he was in the avengers movie they wouldn’t have the supposded audience confusion when they have two young strapping blonde men for the same scene. but there’s something to be said for embodiment of the qualities of the character, without a physical resemblance. i’d still think sam jackson could be a good fury regardless of his similarity (or identicality? identicalism?:-( ) to ultimate fury. 

  44. 4 times now I’ve glanced at this headline as "Tim Drake, Robin Rumors!!!" I don’t know what I’d be expecting, though.

  45. What’s wrong with Ultimate Hawkeye?