Ron on ‘The Pipeline Podcast’!

In the tradition of our annual crossover, you can hear me on this week’s edition of The Pipeline Podcast with Augie De Blieck Jr. of Comic Book Resources.

We discuss his top 10 books of the week as well as my experience (along with Gordon the Intern) at Wizard World Chicago. Being on other podcasts is always fun and I always seem to say something inappropriate, and this is one is no exception. The show notes for this show haven’t been updated yet, but subscribe to the feed and trust me, episode #132 is out and I’m on it.

I have to admit, being on someone else’s show, while fun, can be a little weird, but luckily Augie is easy to talk with and with the topic of comics, it’s hard to get either of us to shut up..


  1. Awesome, can’t wait to listen. But, will this crossover have lasting effects on the continuity?

  2. Pertaining to your column on Dark Horse previously, you mentioned Top Cow on the Pipeline. Now that’s a company I can agree on you with. I think people would have been less torn on the subject if the column were “Does Top Cow Matter?”

    Dug the appearance, and I hope you guys have Augie back on the Podcast as well.

  3. I just updated the show notes. Whew!

    And, yes, Quentin. This will have continuity implications. But Pipeline Zero Hour will take care of all of them in a few weeks. Fret not!

    And, thanks, hopefully we can all get back together on a podcast again someday when schedules allow. (And, you know, I’m invited. 😉

  4. Who’s buying Top Cow books?! How do they stay in business?

    I thought about writing a blog post on that, but that’s pretty much the whole gist of it.