Roger Langridge Steps Down from Muppet Show Comic

On the heels of the recent announcement of Thor: The Mighty Avenger ending at Marvel Comics, now writer and artist Roger Langridge is leaving The Muppet Show from BOOM! Studios.  Langridge, on his blog, cited personal reasons for the move, and did not go into detail.

Fans of the book might have noticed that The Muppet Show has been delayed recently. For the rest of the year, Langridge will be working on his final story, "The Four Seasons," which will be published next year.  Langridge says his relationship with BOOM! is good, and wouldn't rule out working with them in the future.  And while there are external reasons, he did say he'd been thinking of ending his run regardless:

Though probably not on the Muppets. Thing is, I was ready to move on – this personal situation made me jump when I did, but I was looking for an appropriate time to jump anyway. I feel like I've done about as much as I can with the Muppet characters – really, I'd rather move on while it's still fun than carry on grinding away long past the point where I'm enjoying it.

There's no word yet on how The Muppet Show will continue on, or with whom.


  1. Looking forward to an eventual collection

  2. I will always remember meeting Langridge at Comic Con and blathering at him like a drunken sorority girl. I loved his stylized take on the characters; they were a little “off-model” but always true to the essence of what made the show such fun. My daughter is across the room watching a Muppet Christmas special as we speak; I can’t wait until she’s old enough for me to share these trades with her. Best of luck to him on his next project.

  3. He had hinted at this on the recent interview he did on ifanboy. It’s a bummer, but it was fun while it lasted. Now let’s get Mark Waid on this book.

  4. Just when I think of adding this to my pull list.