Robin Gets in Bar Fight in Minnesota

This week, The White Bear Press — the local paper of White Bear Lake, MN — reported the following incident:

I bet it was Jason Todd.  And who was the friend??

Thanks to Jonathan Whitney for sending it in!


  1. He probably couldn’t help it. Those tights ride up you know.

  2. This Halloween, I saw this guy in a bar dressed as Robin, and he was hitting on all these girls. I was wondering if the girls were thinking "I ain’t giving anything away to this sidekick, I wanna go home with Batman!"

  3. Oh, God. What has my state wrought?  I’m ashamed. This is ridiculous!

  4. I love that they need to explain who Robin is.

  5. If I was wearing Robin’s boy panties, I would constantly adjust them too.  Sidekick discrimination I tell you!

  6. Geez! Its getting so a man cant wear green panties and booties anymore!

  7. This seems like something you would find at the end of a watchmen issue!

  8. Robins 21?

  9. You know… for a moment I almost thought this was about Burt Ward!

  10. I really wanna know the conversation that sparked the fight. Im guessing they insulted Alfred.  

  11. Spoiler (to answer Conor’s question.)  I was there.  Really.  She doublecrossed him twice and then left with him.  She looked pretty hot. 

    (If you doublecross someone twice does that mean you actually helped them?  Two wrongs make a right?)

  12. huh

  13. wow. thats so crazy lmao.

  14. Lol this sounds like something from The Onion

  15. The other Titans just left him hanging. I’m also hoping it was Pixie era Robin, with the small mesh underpants and pixie boots.

  16. I think that even gets that "Not So Fresh Feeling".  Of all the days to forget the powder.

  17. even "the boy wonder" gets

  18. Maybe his junk was just too big?  A problem I’ll never have:(

  19. Why is there such a long space between "Batman’s" and "sidekick"? So you can drawn a little batman grrr face in there?


    (jk I know why).