Robert Kirkman Introduces New Video from AMC’s The Walking Dead released this video, providing another look at AMC's The Walking Dead TV series. Robert Kirkman ushers us behind the scenes for his own perspective on the scale of the production, which includes a big ol' tank and a mob of shambling dead in an outdoor action sequence. Director Frank Darabont is also on hand to discuss the making of what has become one of the most anticipated new series this Fall.   


The Walking Dead debuts on AMC this October.


  1. Oh shit. They are going to show the horse getting ripped apart.

    This is looking to be a complete adaptation of the material. I’m just getting visions in my head about how closely these mimick the scenes of the….2nd issue (I believe) we’re seeing here. Can’t wait for this!

  2. I have extremely high hopes for this! Looks awesome! Way to go AMC.

  3. Man, is this show going to be good.

  4. this show just keeps looking better and better

  5. Kirkman and Darabont are good marriage, it would seem. If you take away "The Mist", FD has a great track record.

  6. Cool x 1k!!!!

    To be a zombie extra for few seconds would be such a highlight of anyone’s fandom. 

    "Yes, I was zombie number 342 on episode 20.  Wanna see the pics I got? They are in my apartment." It would work everytime! Well, in my dreams it does!

  7. Take away nothing, “The Mist” was excellent.

  8. Agreed, "The Mist" is excellent.

  9. I liked The Mist too, and this looks soooo awesome.

  10. take away the Mist….please

  11. Keeps looking better. Let’s just hope the acting is good…

  12. not a kirkman or walking dead fan at all but this looks REALLY GOOD. mtv is still on the air? huh

  13. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    A zombie show on t.v.? Way to go, Robert Kirkman! You deserve it!

  14. glad to see kirkman getting his, i have the first trade of walking dead and it didn’t grab me, and then my friend told me that its one of the most bleak stories ever. so i decided not to keep reading, i like stories with something to root for and shit, not all doom and gloom

  15. Some of The Mist was amazing.

    Some of it was pretty lame.

    Green Mile and Shawshank were the shit though.

  16. AMC has been hitting homeruns with their tv shows lately…I hope this keeps it goin.

  17. Has there ever been a zombie tv show? I can’t wait for this!

  18. @cromulent

    Sex and the City. 

  19. Ha ha, nice!

     Some more:

    The Golden Girls!

    The View!

    Is Jerry Springer still on? Guests and audiences are pretty much zombies. So are Oprah’s.


  20. @_@