RIVERDALE: American Pie Meets American Psycho in This Fan-Made ARCHIE Trailer

The Daily What's….daily what is this fan-produced "Riverdale" trailer, a post-modern sendup of Archie comics. It's dark. It's raunchy. It's ridden with three Pathmark checkout aisles worth of Archie's signature teen angst. Cross-Eyed Bear Comedy did it all for a laugh, but I wouldn't be surprised if the CW came knocking.


"You can't have 'em both, carrot-top. Make up your mind before I make it up for you." 



  1. I don’t even know what to say to this.

  2. Lifetime movies present… 

  3. CTN saturday night premiere

  4. Very funny stuff, but I hate that they used the Requiem for a Dream music. Whether it’s intended ironically or not, that music is so overused… 

  5. Was that a receipt that said “abortion”?

  6. Yes. 

  7. Amazing.

    That’s all there is to say really.

    But I guess if I was the publisher I would also say: Massive Lawsuit. 

  8. Ha! Well the CW does need to replace Smallville.

  9. It’s like “Skins” in Riverdale. Put it on FX and I’d watch it!

  10. That was a good laugh.  Very nicely done!

    Some great cartoony elements in the grit:  Jughead’s silly crown/hat thing and the typeface for the title.

    In this universe, I wonder what kind of music “The Archies” play:  Justin Beeber bubble-gum pop, or death metal?

  11. That video seriously saved my morning lol. Fantastic.

  12. Always knew Reggie Mantle was a coke head. 

    “If she doesn’t put out your wasting your time, Chowderhead!”  Awesome.

  13. I’d watch it.

  14. What is this, I don’t even…

  15. Although I thought it looked stupid… it’s a trainwreck I would totally watch.

  16. Awesome.. not a big Archies fan but amazing what people can throw together these days.

  17. I’m up for it. I guess.

  18. hahahaha …all hail satan…err riverdale in flames – Archieeee !

  19. Why are those two girls making out at the end?  Anyone?  Anyone?

    Funny.  Probably about a minute and a half too long, but funny. 

  20. Jughead carrying the dead dog oh my god hahaha.

  21. O____O

    This trailer is already better than 85% of the crap that’s come out in previous Blockbuster summers.

  22. That was my highschool…

    Notice how Riverdale High looks surprisingly similar to Smallville High. 


  24. …In 3D!