Trailer: ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’

Check it out here.

I have to say — and this is against my better judgement — but after watching that trailer I am excited about Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (I love that title) in a way that I am just not for Spider-Man 3 (I hate that title). It is possible that it’s the idea that maybe, just maybe, this time they got the Fantastic Four right. Or maybe it’s the appearance of the Silver Surfer. I honestly never thought I’d see him in a live action film in my lifetime. And he looks damned cool.

Regardless, I did not see Fantastic Four in the theater, but I will be going to see the sequel. So at the very least, the marketing people have done thier job.

One thing — when the Surfer speaks in the trailer, was that Laurence Fishburne? I couldn’t tell, but it didn’t sound like him.


  1. Look for the Dodge logo on the fantasticar.

  2. Who is the guy in the robe? Is that Doom?



  4. I keep hearing bad things about this movie, but I do agree that the trailer is awesome. Here’s to hoping that it lives up to expectations and that the studio didn’t just put all the best stuff in the trailer. I hate it when that happens.

  5. Did anyone happen to notice that the Herald looks so FREAKING AWESOME!

  6. When I saw the teaser I was blown away…but then I realized how much I hated the first one and how I swore never to see another FF movie again. Now I’ve seen this and I’m totally speechless. The trailer is unbelieveable and its hard to think that the final product would not live up to the hype. I’m really on the fence though. Part of me feels like they’ll screw it up again!!! P.S. The Surfer looks BAD ASS!!!!

  7. I have been pretty excited about this movie. I hated the first FF film with a passion mainly becuase I think it was the most boring superhero film I had ever seen that and they practically made Doom Electro in it.

    This one looks exciting. Although it did seem weird them switching powers. Not weird in a “That never happened in the comic!” way (which it might have for all I know) but just weird. Kind of like in the first film when the Thing gives up his powers and goes and gets them back. It bothered me for some reason.

  8. Yeah he does look cool. Except when he’s talking, something is…off.

  9. I agree, CAM, he seems almost….too ‘T-1000’ when he talks. That’s really my only nit-pick with the trailer, though. I like Ben and Johnny switching powers….that made me laugh. I really hope Tim Story pulls this one off.

  10. DUUUUDE!!!! i hated the first FF movie simply because it was more of a commercial then a movie, however I was never really looking foward to that movie, the trailers made it seem like the popcorn piece of shit that it was. This trailer makes the movie seem epic (as FF should be) and super cool, I am looking foward to this and I probably will go and watch on opening weekend.
    Connor why aren’t you excited about Spidey3???? I;m taking the day off of work to go see it with my friends it looks awesome!!!!

  11. Conor, you did hear Lawrence Fishburne as the voice of the Silver Surfer. It was rumored that he was going to be Galactus, but at the last minute, they announced him as the Surfer. Looks like it will be a cool movie though.

  12. “Conor, you did hear Lawrence Fishburne as the voice of the Silver Surfer. It was rumored that he was going to be Galactus, but at the last minute, they announced him as the Surfer.”
    -I thought a while ago it was announced that the guy who played abe sapian in hellboy was the dude playing the Norrin Radd?! Now i’ve so far only seen the trailer without volume so if it is clear as day L.F. then my bad. Either way…it looks dope and should be a huge upgrade from FF1 vs. Doctor Lightning…

  13. the guy who played abe sapian is only doing the body stuff, the voice is larry fishburne.

    PS: I told you Lawerence Fishburne would be the end of us!!

  14. As a big fan of the FF ( the FF are to me as batman is to connor) this trailer scares me. They need to step up to the plate and make a quality movie that everyone can enjoy. I feel like the last movie was more enjoyable to people who know nothing about the FF and just wanted to see some action scenes that looked cool. My warning to FOX, if you screw this movie I will never watch anything you produce( unless the O.C. comes back on)ever again.

  15. While this trailer looks pretty awesome, you know why I’m worried? Check this out, from the first trailer.

    Yup. That guy. My expectations are now back down to zero degrees Kelvin on my expectatiometer. (That’s pretty low.)

  16. And did someone say product placement?

  17. Sue’s eyes are freaking me out.

    Otherwise…sure, I’m on board.

    Get it? On? Board? Surf…ing….


  18. it looks really good, i just hope its better than the first one

  19. Yup. That guy. My expectations are now back down to zero degrees Kelvin on my expectatiometer. (That’s pretty low.)

    What’s wrong with Brian Posehn?

  20. I like Brian Posehn, but when I’m hoping for a film that’s slightly more sophisticated than the last one, he wouldn’t be my first choice as the priest for Reed and Sue’s wedding. That’s just inviting ridiculousness.

  21. How is that any worse than Hal Sparks in Spider-Man 2? This isn’t a Merchant Ivory movie. It should be pretty light hearted.

    Besides, Posehn is funny, and a great support of comics. I’m all for him.

  22. Yeah, but a dude on an elevator is not quite the same as clergy.

  23. No movie with an Oscar surfing through the sky is going to be super sophisticated.

    “This isn’t a Merchant Ivory movie.”

    Oh, man, what if it were? Which role would Anthony Hopkins play? I vote Galactus.

  24. I didn’t think it was possible but how come Jessica Alba doesn’t look amazing in a skin-tight body suit?

    She didn’t bother me in the first film but I every time I see her in the trailer, she looks really out of place.

  25. “Sue’s eyes are freaking me out.”

    Me, too! What’s up with her contacts? They didn’t look that freaky in the original movie (which I enjoyed, btw, and I know I’m in the minority on that one).

  26. Why did they make Johnny a super skrull?! (… the multiple powers thing)

  27. “Why did they make Johnny a super skrull?! (… the multiple powers thing)”

    Wow they should just stop making comic book movies…. we complain about everything.

    Jessica Alba is a horrible choice for Sue, Sue is a white/blonde/blue eyed girl and Alba is Hispanic so that like getting Vin Diesel to play Luke Cage. But I will watch that woman do anything…… anything. Especially run around in a skin tight suit.

  28. Jessica Alba is a horrible choice for Sue

    Without question. I never thought I would live to see that day that Hollywood failed to find a hot blond actress. Or at least someone with a skin tone that wouldn’t look horribly out of place with blond hair. Alba is hot, but she is awful for this role.

    That being said, I thought that Chiklis and Evans did a great job as Ben and Johnny. Can’t blame them for the script. Without them, that first movie would be almost unwatchable.

  29. Chiklis and Evans are great choices, they were the only highlight of the first movie.

  30. Doom better be awesome in this movie…..

    And I can’t wait for Thing-Torch!

  31. Brian Posen is not only a hillarious comedian (Go buy Live Nerd Rage.. .. so funny) and a huge comic book nerd, but he also wrote The Last Christmas which is a great mini series about Santa Clause saving the world from maurading zombie hordes.
    The fact that he was given a small 3 minutes(at the most)cameo should have nothing to do with your hopes and expectations of a 2 hour film.
    Am I totally off base here?

  32. Also I have something else to say. This can be taken with a grain of salt like anything I write on these forum. The reason why I am posting this here is because it was actually the first FF movie that made me think this way.

    First of all I HATED the Fantastic Four movie the first time I saw it. The main 2 reasons were casting ( Sue, Doom mainly) and how it seemed like the writer and director had never read an issue of FF and had made a movie that had almost nothing to do with the histories of either the FF or even Ultimate FF (Which is where I would have taken this film).

    I disliked the movie so bad that I swore not to watch it again or even a sequel.

    So one day I am at work and HBO is on and the FF movie is on. So I am halfway watching it and you know what? I suddenly came to a realization that no comic book movie can be judged against the comic books that inspired them. Comics have huge expansive backstories and histories that go back decades and then there are the histories in comics that are changed constantly. That is just too much to thrust on people in a 2 hour film. Also we have to realise that movies are a business and the studios have the general populace in mind when producing a movie. Even in a genre that seems very niche, they want the most people possible to be able to follow a story and not feel overwhelmed by charater legacies.
    The point to all this is that by letting go of my feelings of them “not understanding” these characters and histories I love, I was able to enjoy it for what it is.. an action film BASED on a comic book I like.

    Again, the point is I think that if we can all just go into these movies with the understanding that they are SEPERATE entities from the comics we will enjoy them so much more.
    They will not be just like the comics ever, so if we accept them as new stories and new histories, we will not have hurt feelings.

    Just think of them as “Elseworlds”.

    And that ladies and gentlemen is my small attempt at fanboy healing.
    Good day!

  33. Hollywood:

    They can put an Oscar Award on a surfboard, make it look cool, but they can’t give Jessica Alba a decent dye job. The poor woman must have gone through hell, getting her hair bleached every morning at 5 am… and I still think her roots show (not a pun, but could be).

    The Thing? That the makeup department could do. Make Alba a blond? Apparently not so easy…